FIFA World Cup 2018

'Nother penalty
Tied with Belgium on GD
Another excellent penalty, virtually unstoppable.
Panama deserve to be humiliated. Their behaviour is beyond belief.
I just read that England have never scored 4 in the first 45 minutes in a world cup match.
Just a training match for England. The only danger is if Panama figure they might as well take a few England players with them and start playing even dirtier than they are already.

Gout Man

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What's the betting in the second half we get no goals.

Hopefully we get another two or three, it will do us good to go into the Belgium match as leaders of the group and regardless of who we are playing the shooting practise can only be beneficial to England.

Ps I thought Tunisia were dirty, this lot take the fecking biscuit, two of our players deliberately elbowed in the face, dirty bastards.
I'm going for a lie down. The stress is too much.

That and England have just rattled the Aussies out for 205 in the one-day.
Wow, that was surprisingly unexpected :)

They rightly identified Lingard as the danger and tried to kick him off the park, didn’t work and he has been outstanding, mom so far.

We will score or get a pen at every corner if they continue with their WWE defending.

I am staggered at the histrionics so far in this World Cup.

Could be a big big score :)
Agricultural football doesn't begin to describe Panama's approach to this game. Great first half performance from England, but it's a concern that the farmers may seriously injure an England player, particularly with those flailing elbows.

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