FIFA World Cup 2018

any views on who will get out of group a?

Uruguay have to be the favourites for me and then it's between Egypt and Russia. I favor the Russians due to home advantage, the favourable first serial (is that the right term?) of games (rus v saudis) and the potential delay of salah to the tournament

Russia vs Egypt in the 2nd serial should be crucial. Uruguay will probably have 6 points going their final game vs Russia. unless Egypt get the win, Russia should go through ahead of them.

I'll be supporting Egypt and Russia to qualify. don't like Uruguay at the moment due to a certain player, while I find Egypt exciting due to their African nations history and salah, while I believe the Russians have lots of promising youngsters breaking through.

overall, it's a quasi competiative group and an Egypt win vs Uruguay would blow it wide open

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At last I've found it and upon reading page 1 I reckon Kane will be captain.:number1:
2 weeks to go!

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Never contenders. England hype will be burst again.
We beat Australia last night in a rugby world cup. Coleman era was style over substance the balance will return to rugby in Wales.
I don't think there is much hype about England

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Sweepstake at work, I got Denmark and Columbia.
That's my 10er down the swanny.

Mind some did worse....sniggering.
only saw the 1st half on sat, but I was happy with England's general approach to the game and the attacking shape.

the 352 looked good and I think it's the say ahead. my preferred line up would be:


Walker, Cahill, McGuire

Trippier, lingaard, Dier, loftus-cheek, young

alli, Kane

Dier sits deeper in that formation, with Alli in more of a floating role behind kane. Stones is dropped as I think he gives the ball away too much and is bit part at city, while sterling has proved himself as very wasteful in an England shirt

the wing-back roles are up for grabs depending on who looks in best form come the Tunisia game (rose and TAA), while there is an argument for vardy to start next to Kane and have two traditional strikers (I'd probably drop lingaard for Ali in that case).

for Belgium and beyond, we may wish to bring in Delph or Henderson for to have 2 defensive mids in the 352. personally, I think attack is our best form of defence

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good goal by rashers tonight v costa rica

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Very slow paced game.
most friendlies like this are.

no one wants to knacker themselves for the big tournament

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good goal by rashers tonight v costa rica

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Good for him. Glad to see someone performing better for their country than their club.
Hoping to see one of these youngsters making a name for themselves over the summer.

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