FIFA World Cup 2018

Presumably nobody on here can ever criticise any politician, sportsman, senior officer, MOD official (other than a couple of posters) or, in fact, pretty much any other public figure or professional ever again?
I didn’t say that did I? Stop making things up.
I just came home from the finals. after shouting "Up yours, you snail-chewing bastards"

Then I realised that I was in a pub with the drinkers and barmaid's name went "Dagenais, Prieur, Tessier, LaFrance|

I hate this part of the province.
This whole UK thing still does my head in, even after me being here for 5+ years.
It is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is a political affiliation between the Union of England and Scotland (act of Union 1707) - an earlier act, (1536) united England and Wales. The relative statute law that brought NI into this arrangement is contained as an amendment to the Government of Ireland Act somewhere around 1920 that enabled NI politicians to opt for a devolved government subject to the sovereignty of Westminster in specific issues. The NI government is given its legitimacy under Westminster statute..
Great Britain = England, Scotland, Wales. It is a place name
The British Isles [ncludes Ireland, Great Britain, the Isle of Man, Shetland, Orkney, and thousands of smaller islands. It is a geographical term.

Edit: apart from that its simple init?
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She's lovely.


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Nice to see all the sneering from the Jocks, the Taffs, and the Micks, who spent their world cup hoping England lose.. while their teams were on leave cos they weren't good enough to qualify

Not at all, we know we're shite!

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