FIFA to set up anti-corruption body


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It will be as effective as a fart in a gale...... window dressing to try and convince the Plebs that FIFA is 'Doing Something....!"


Blatter told Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung the committee would consist of seven to nine members "not only from sport but from politics, finance, business and culture".

FFS dont politics, finance and business have their own corruption to sort out before they stick their noses into FIFA.
The Russian bid for the World Cup was split into two distinct phases.

Phase One: a stunningly beautiful young Russian woman, wearing only a bikini, hands Mr Blatter a suitcase with ten million dollars in cash.

Phase Two: Vlad Putin hands Seb a envelope. Inside are pictures of every member of Blatter's family.

Putin: "Two choices, comrade; we do this the easy way or the hard way..."

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