FIFA international rankings.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Steven, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. England have been placed 12th in the world by FIFA!

    Full Fifa top 20:

    1- Brazil
    2- Argentina
    3- Italy
    4- France
    5- Germany
    6- Netherlands
    7- Croatia
    8- Portugal
    9- Spain
    10- Mexico
    11- Czech Republic
    12- England
    13- Romania
    14- USA
    15- Cameroon
    16- Greece
    =17- Serbia
    =17- Ukraine
    19- Uruguay
    20- Sweden

    Scotland - 22nd, NornIron - 39th and Wales a magnificent 74th.

    Seems fair enough except for Mexico. WTF have mexico ever won or placed well in to get 10th spot?
  2. Northern Ireland are actually 28th! Its the republic that are 39th!
  4. might be wrong but think all teams above engerland have actually done something football wise since 1966 ...well maybe with the exception of the czechs
  5. So they were'nt in the EURO 96 final then?
  7. Hosts -doesnt count....what about Croatia playing in table cloths and only SEVENTH
  8. So the Czechs were hosts in 96?

    I think not.
  9. Nah but England were you know what this thread is about
  10. Why does everyone bleat on about England being so good?

    Over hyped, over payed fcuking premadonnas.

    Don't deserve to be any higher.
  11. usually won it before it begins....till the pens
  12. :D :D :D

    And me sat here in a Portugal shirt!
  13. am sitting on the sod that Mickey "O" cacked his liggy on
  14. There's no way Croatia and the Czech Rep are better than England.

    FIFA rankings shouldnt be taken too seriously, not so long ago the USA were in the top ten lol
  15. Czechs won the European Championship in 1976 on penalties against West Germany. Those days the competition was done in the way the UEFA or CL is done with home and away matches and the final(maybe semis too) at a neutral venue.