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"Fiery Freddie" Truman has passed away!

Nice to see England and the crowd at Headlingly not have only a minutes silence but also a minutes applause for a true sporting great.

Nice tribute from Geoff Boycott to Firey during Sky's coverage.
[quote="the_baron"Nice tribute from Geoff Boycott to Firey during Sky's coverage.[/quote]

Now that's ironic :D

They hated each others guts :roll:

RIP Fred, used to love watching you when I grew up in God's County
Well, at least he, BJ and John Arlott can have a glass together again (possibly washing down some excellent chocolate cake). A genuine great.
To quote Fred himself 't best bloody fast bowler in the world - cantancerous, self opinionated and never wrong - a typical tyke - and cricket is a much the worse for his sad demise.
I met him when I showed him and his daughter around the boarding school I went to in Yorkshire - having only just left southern Africa I had no idea who he was, but I remember him being a really nice chap and a formidable presence. He was naturally worshipped at school. One of his famous one liners was when someone commented on the large size of his bum and he replied... "aye lad, but it needs a big hammer to bang in a big nail..."

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