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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bandit616, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. Guys & girls.

    I need help, I'm after any info/training aids regarding fieldcraft training.
    I have to train then test subjects llike Ambush, section battle drills etc etc.

    Any info on where i can get the above material will be greatly recieved.
  2. I'm at a loss as to what you mean by "training aids": If you know the section battle drills then you can teach them; just think about the presentation and use your imagination. If you're teaching in the field then print the mnemonics onto fablonned cards (red for PRESAR, green for PAWPERSO, yellow for PACES DO etc so you know which is which easily and aren't fiddling around mid-lesson) and blu-tack them to Fig 11s; build a model to demonstrate a full attack with three bases of fire etc so everyone can see how the attack works. Then practice practice practice and have a long tab with several attacks and regroups as the test. Similar for ambushes, harbours and so on.

    If you aren't quite sure of the drills then I'd suggest you ought not be teaching them just yet. See your unit's training wing for copies of TAMs and pams. Out of interest, who are you teaching these to?
  3. If you are stuck inside with no training area, then try going through the section battle drills.
    I like to start each drill with a short 5 mins of film.

    Aliens - prep for battle (how not to do it!)
    Heartbreak ridge - Reactions (again how not to do it)
    ZULU - Location & FCO's
    Predator - Winning the fire fight (I think you know which part I mean!)
    Heat - The assualt etc...
    I've not got one for the re-group

    But they get things going in a classroom restricted environment.

    As for getting an "ambush" lesson going I used to get the guys to sit there and close their eyes, imagine they were waiting in an ambush (and all that bollocks) then drop a sting of fire crackers into a waste paper basket and give them the lecture about the essentials of an ambush. But I don't think you can do that anymore!!

    If you've got a little room, go through contact drills. You can practice, test & do timed competitions etc.

    Imagination is the key to all of this!
  4. PAWPERSO if that mnemonic is even taught anymore?

    But for best info watch the section 'How not to be Seen' of the Monty Python sketch movie entitled "And Now for Something Completely Different"
  5. I know the subject matter no problem, but Im going to be teaching a load of 3* cadets.
    It just makes it a bit easier to explain if they have some pictorial info as well as verbal info.
    I think they call it "method of instruction"
  6. er ..... attend Junior Brecon
  7. Ah, cadets, fair enough. Out of interest is the 50m safety distance still enforced with the new rifle?

    Speak to your CTT about training aids and MOI; they're sure to have a few odds and ends knocking around and can tell you the cadet-specific rules (apparently cadets should be taught PASSWORD not PACES DO for some reason, and of course the make safe before move).