Field Tips - Need some help with improving

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Cdt030910, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys, I am new o
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Gentlemen, one day this man will be your boss.
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  3. Ha ha ha ha haaaaar! Bless his little cotton socks! Someone give him some advice, i feel sorry for him.
  4. You may find one of these bad boys of use

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  5. lol manning the **** up .....
  6. Life in the field can be very demanding for the newbie.

    Simply tell your DS that you wanted to be in the RAF but you weren't clever enough.

    That's what I did. Piece of piss after that.

    Thank me later.
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  7. I always liked Crayolas. A nice size to hold onto, and a smooth application of ink.......oh, I thought you said Felt Tips. Sorry.

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  8. If you use something put away after you finished with it. Square your admin away and you've one half the battle.
  9. X59

    X59 LE

    That my friend, is bollocks.

    The experienced soldier knows that requires a constant rummage through kit.

    Far better to have all your kit unpacked and to hand, particularly at night when you want to find something without fuss.

    Foolproof system that will help with your bergan discomfort too, as after only a short while your kit will appear to weigh less than when you started.

    Happy to help.
  10. Sorry X59 that sounds like a better idea I don't really go in the field much being in T.A RLC mobile shower and laundry unit .
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  11. If you see a sign saying "Beware of the bull", don't go in. Otherwise fields are pretty easy to deal with. Just watch out for the mess those awful animals leave all over the place. Those damnable farmers give not a jot for the expensive footwear of normal folk wondering across their land.

    On a serious note; X59 is right. You need everything to hand around you. After all, if you get bugged out you'll need to know where everything is so that you can get washed, shaved, teeth cleaned, cook the brekkie and get that brew on toot sweet. It doesn't do to hold everyone up for too long.
  12. If you choose wisely you may find that you never go anywhere near a field as the staff officers do so hate to get their boots dirty.
  13. If you see a sign saying 'Field of Dreams' watch out for the baseballs, those ghosts
    are lethal with a bat.

    Join as a very senior Occifer, get a Batman, you don't need to worry about your kit
    then...............just a thought.
  14. for some reason my JUOs tell me to keep things packed which seems to be the clever thing to do as I discovered on the weekend when they used smoke grenades, a few shamoolies and sh*tloads of rounds as an alarm for us and gave us a few minutes to be ready to move.