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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by 1Border, Jul 9, 2011.

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  1. Hello,

    Historical interest here:

    Could someone please explain to me the exact duties of a field security section? I am trying to understand the role of the 89th during world war 2 a little better.

  2. They were a Section that did Security in the Field...........
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  3. wah?

  4. Following 89 FSS, a second Airborne FS Section, 317 (Airborne) Field Security Section, was formed for the new 6th Airborne Division, on the 1st Jun 1943, mainly using personnel from 89 FSS. On completion of training, the Section's primary task was area and special unit security for the up coming invasion of Europe - Operation OVERLORD. Field Security tasks were to be conducted initially in the Normandy area, in the vicinity of Ranville.

    Ponced from 317FSS - History
  5. King walt, I know that website, but I figured I'd get some detailed information on here, from someone actually in the Int corps. That website contains little information.
  6. I think that pretty much spells it out for you... wah
  7. It's like normal security, in a camp, but just out in the field.
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  8. Guess you blokes don't know either.
  9. Reports are a bit shorter too.
  10. Or securing fields - some triple coil razor wire, job done!
  11. HHH

    HHH LE

  12. If your interest is genuine and not a sanity-check for your re-enactment group:

    [wah shield off] apart from the means of delivery, proximity to the enemy and ferocity of combat, the work of 89 FSS
    would have differed little from any other FSS.

    Try the museum shop for "FSS" By Bob Steers isbn 0 95281 29 0 8
    also see
    "Naples 1944" by Normal Lewis ISBN 0 907871 72 0 Published by Eland 2002 [/wah shield on]

    In common with all other Parachute forces, there is one other USP for 89:

    "They have shown themselves to be as tenacious and determined in defence as they are courageous in attack. They are in fact, men apart - every man an Emperor.

    Of all the factors, which make for success in battle, the spirit of the warrior is the most decisive. That spirit will be found in full measure in the men who wear the Maroon Beret."
    - Montgomery of El Alamein
  13. Thanks, I'll check those out. I don't see how one could reenact intelligence.
  14. Worst Fears Confirmed by Graeme Deely has a pretty good accounty of 89 and 317 MI Sects amongst other Sections. ISBN: 978.1.903172.54.4

    No I'm not on commission
  15. Further to Subsonic's helpful guidance and to give a rough modern interpretation in a nutshell, the main difference between security in the field, also known as operational security, and security in barracks is one of adaptability, common sense, an appreciation of the tactical situation and the ability to make do with whatever is to hand to resolve a problem.