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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cardinal, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. NSN 8465-99-790-0100. 45 Litre Infantry Rucksack.

    Its not the Patrol Pack 30 Litre (NI patrol sack) or the cheap black Field Pack

    I have not seen one of these, anyone got a picture of one. Infact I don't even know that I have seen one issued, all the infantry guys I know having the NI packs.

    Thanks in advance

  2. I think they are issued to PTI's, to keep their hair gel in when on OP's
  3. Could it be the new one being issued in theatre similar to the Bowman bag. See previous threads.
  4. beemer - Thats the old 80 litre other arms bergan. AKA Combat handbag.
  5. I have one in front of me, the last four are 0101. They are as follows:

    Desert DPM
    Zip pouch on top of roof with zelcro panel
    Mesh stuff pocket under lid
    Floating lid (raise up and down)
    Mesh, air cooled back ith waist strap
    Radio/laptop retention straps within
    Zips on side for pouches or to half width for radio use
    Molle straps along the entire front for pouches (issued vest pouches)
    Side,stuff pockets if not using side pouches. Also, has Molle on side
    Storm flap

    Great bit of kit!
  6. Thats the badger, the label says PRI in it also ( as per the web link). Great daysac issued in MTP now...AND IT'S FREE!!!!!!!

    The only difference is where the Karrimor threading/embroiding is, it has a large velcro panel for badges etc.
  7. Thank the great loard harry i didn't hit the order button; i'll wait for my next tour to order one in.

    Is it only availiable in theatre, or can you get it prior, when you get your tour kit (i know 'multiple questions')?
  8. You will get it prior - along with the rest of the black bag kit
  9. Gearspotter:

    We recieved all our kitting for Herrick a few weeks ago, got told we would recieve MTP in theatre, would this daysack come under that too?
  10. Interesting to see that the MoD is now outsourcing it's kit to civvy-buyable products rather than to MoD designs made by MoD manufacturers.

    That thing is £100 to buy new!