Field Pack arctic patrol

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gunmonkey, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. For a number of years i've been in possesion of one of these items, found it useful for various bit's. but what's the "official" use ? I know it say's field pack arctic patrol but why not use a normal daysack ?
    For anyone who's not seen one here's a description.
    It's made from the same fabric as the insertion sacks with a front pocket that it can fold into there are 2 50mm straps on the back made of the softer tape like you find on bandoliers, they have 4 brass eyelets to adjust the length with enabling it to be worn like a daysack, a flap over lid that tie's with a bit of cord.
    A handy well made item but odd, has anyone else seen one before ?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Can you post a picture?
  3. Will get one sorted ASAP
  4. Sorry about the delay, Due to cr*p computer and general monginess unable to post a picture although i have the NSN if that helps.
    NSN 8465-99-977-5676
  5. 8465-99-977-5676 google doesnt come up with anything
  6. Is it possible that it's intended as a foraging pack? Folds away until required?
  7. sorry been away for a few days. Its a well made item, approximatley 30 litres in volume. Still can't upload any photos so you'll all have to bear with me on that.
    I think ExStab may have hit on it though it does seem ideally suited to foraging.
  8. Do you think the arctic would be the best place to rely on foraging for food? Might it be for collecting snow to melt for water?
  9. I think a stowable sack for storing snow (if you actually find any??) in the arctic a damn fine idea. When were these invented?
  10. Perhaps it's for carrying Polar Bear bait? :D
  11. Maybe it's for collecting penguins. :)
  12. Penguins? Come on, that would be a patrol pack antarctic.
  13. Good to see the warning about polar bear liver.

    I was off school the day we disected polar bear, so no use to me. Wouldnt know its liver from its kidneys.
  14. Are you sure that's what it states inside the pack, 'field pack arctic patrol '

    It may be a field pack 'Arctic Roll' if so it's used to carry shopping from ICELAND......that's why fat scouse women shop at Iceland (coz there skint)