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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Man_of_Bronze, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. I dont currently have access to Mat Regs, on tour, but can anyone let me know what the score is with regards to SLA for Field Officers - is it def a suite and what is the score if there is no suite available - is SSSA an option?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. PM sent ref the correct JSP. I can't comment on the authority to allocate SSSA; I think it's fair to assume that it would depend on location/standard of nearest SLA and length of tour (IIRC the complaints about the standard of accm at Shrivenham for ICSC(L) were not upheld by the CoC).
  3. If you are thinking of complaining about accommodation on ICSC (L) 3a - Good luck! Apparently the CoC can force you to take a lower standard of accommodation and they do not have to provide SSSA, if local circumstances (including lack of budget) mean that it is not feasible.

    Depending on which mess you're in, you could be really unhappy!
  4. If you are single, expect nothing! As a single OC I had the option of a single room in the Mess or renting/buying locally because a surplus quarter was not available and Mess accn was available within 35 miles of my Duty Station. At 38 years old, a single room didn't really appeal!

    When I was sent on an op tour, I then had to pay to put all kit into storage and hand back my rented house and then pay to move again after the tour. Naturally, as a Singlie I didn't get Disturbance Allowance and as I have officially moved again after 6 months of a posting and so I don't get ResPOD (or what ever they call it now.)

    The only good thing is that I get the X factor which more than makes up for all the disturbance resulting from the exergencies of my service. :evil:
  5. Gopher, can you PM me the JSP too? Cheers!
  6. Done. If anyone else needs a copy, just PM me direct.