Field Medics Help Needed

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Tango34_UK, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Medics I need help ( :) )

    As you may be aware I am in the process of designing Battlevests, and am now at the Sample stage, but the business must go on.

    One of the next projects is to design a Medic Vest, for use in operational conditions, I need to know what type of pouches you would requie, remember this vest is designed for medics and as such won't be supplied to "un medical" forces.

    How many Ammo pouches do you require?

    What other type of Pouches do you require?

    Is there any special pouches that could be included that would make your life easier?

    Would a "folding" stretcher be useful if it was included?

    Do you require any special markings?

    Any other information that you feel that maybe usefull to me?

    Many thanks and best regards
  2. You'l end up chasing your tail trying to make a vest that will meet all medics needs. The role changes dramaticaly and if you scour other manufacturers sites youl see a whole pletheror of "medics vest's".

    Markety leaders in the US currently are opting for a modular system that you can add or remove pouches role dependant. This would be a far more cost effective solution as you could market a base vest that different specialists tailor to their needs and can replace pouches when damaged rather than the whole vest.

    Folding stretchers or, a usable collapsable system are very much a golden goose. Many "Specialist" medical units have a requirement for a light weight space saving stretcher, squaddie proof and quick to use. When you make it, theyl fly of the shelves. Be carefull though as there are systems on the market that over complicate the process. One such stretcher is a day sack that carries "all your med kit" integrally. This suffers immensly from trying to be all things to all men. On the other hand a ponch stretcher doesnt quite cut the mustard for patient comfort.
  3. There is absolutely no danger whatsoever of me putting a stretcher in my webbing! 8O
  4. careful guys - do we know that this pup is for real???

    Medics carry assault weapons etc, I can just see the headline in the S.....N
  5. If he can make one that transports itself, re-equips itself and when needed it turns into a pizza and a six pack.....mark me up for ten of them.....until then I'll stick with the ambulance for carrying kit
  6. From Tango's post-count I reckon this is kosher.

    I don't know that a specialist "medic vest" would actually be possible. Medics tend to have their own preferred way of breaking down the modules and, in any case, tend to have them slung on the tent pole or laid out next to them rather than stuffed into pockets and pouches. When it's so urgent that you don't have time to open a trauma pack, the best thing you can do is slap on a FFD and run like fcuk.

    I would be tempted to say that - shy of anything else - ditching a couple of chest mag pouches for a single, larger pouch into which a small emergency aid pack could be stuffed would be a good start. But then you'd lose the interest of the RMA, who's a soldier like his mates and isn't going to want to have half the ammo capacity of everyone else!

    If you want to make something for the specialist medic, then a medical daysack would be a useful start. Take a regular day sack and add to its front a full-length additional storage space. A double zip running all the way along the top and bottom and one long side will allow the user to open the pouch "book-style". In the interior, clear plastic pockets, with elastic tops, as many as can be fitted in, each one large enough to fit ones hand into (maybe a couple of larger pockets). Also include heavy duty velcro fasteners to the exterior so that the whole pouch can be closed quickly without the medic needing to do up all the zips if he has to scoop and scoot under fire.

    This is most likely going to appeal not so much to medics as it is to docs who may potentially be required to deliver serious life-saving care under fire or on the move, in the back of an LR or CH-64. A surgeon could then have all his favourite tools and bits and pieces to hand in a way that a CMT or RMA simply wouldn't need.

  7. Wow, I hope you meant CH 47 and not AH 64. Not much spare room in the back of an Apache! :lol:
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    T34 is ok!
  9. "This is most likely going to appeal not so much to medics as it is to docs who may potentially be required to deliver serious life-saving care under fire or on the move, in the back of an LR or CH-64. A surgeon could then have all his favourite tools and bits and pieces to hand in a way that a CMT or RMA simply wouldn't need."

    IF, get yer head out of yer arrse!

    What can a doctor do in the back of a CH47 a correctly trained CMT cant? To expensive to send Doc's flying around in the back of aircraft. What the cas needs is less delay to role two and ALL the right people waiting for them there. Puting a Doc in an aircraft would only serve to slow the evac process down.

    Docs dont need "Gucci" day sacks, they need a ODP to hand them the kit!
  10. If you want to kick the arrse out of it have a look at this model

    Designed by SB MO very comprehensive medically, but not massively helpful if your a bombs and bullets, full scale kind of guy, designed more for black shod door kicking I'd say

    Over engineered for task but still a nice bit of kit, It does carry all the kit you'd need for advanced resus, probably too much for a standard Coy med on the ground in Basra

    My preference for the field medic is the US model of med support......each man in a brick carries a single blow out pack, easy access, simple and task orientated. israeli/first care dressing/tournique/crepe/morphine/gloves....

    A million medics would like a million different options!!! and medics like most other servicemen are "Tackle tarts"

    KISS principal at all levels......
  11. My normal principal is

    seperate defined areas for AIRWAY, BREATHING and CIRCULATION and drugs

    If you know what kit is required for each you can design a solution around each, The ability to "pull" a module free and drop it on the ground next to a body is in my experience a plus.

    but the reality is how many times do you crack advanced sh+t while arrses are in pucker mode.....not very often!!

    Sound easy? not really

    Many ways to skin a cat

  12. Perhaps a vest could be designed for the CMT (MA) as follows:

    Chest - 3 Pouches One at 50mm width/depth 80mm, one at 35mm/depth 80mm and one 25mm/depth 80mm for different calibre combat paint brushes.

    Left Kidney Pouch - Pocket B5 size - JSP 361 Tentage Erection.

    Right Kidney Pouch - Pocket B5 size - AGAIs Premature Voluntary Discharge Procedure.

    Left Waist Front 300mm width/200mm depth - Bass Broom Head

    Right Waist Front 300mm width/200mm depth - Bag Black Plastic

    Rear Vest - Pack equivalent dimension - for imminent "ring fence". This may not be required as doctors and nurses have sufficient of these.

    Kevlar plates to be inserted in the rear of the jacket to prevent "blue on blue" stabbing.

    PS. I have been an avid reader of ARRSE for sometime now, but have only just joined the forum. 22 Years in and still no civilian qualification. CMT Steering committee headed by QARANC. WTF has been going on with the Corps????
  13. That website quotes 'negative buoyancy when fully kitted' - I do hope they mean positive buoyancy.

    The current issue med pouches are very well designed and sized and can be carried in various convenient ways. They are also available in black for anybody now working in the private sector (Africa/Iraq/Afghan/etc).

    Ditto for KISS principal and US model.
  14. I'm not to sure that having all your kit hanging from your chest would be such a good idea. Im thinking that if you are kneeling next to a cas then wont your nifty little flap be on them? And what happens if you need to go prone at some point? Maybe a little velcro jobby to hold a pair of them fancy skissors ou get but I cant think of anything else the you wouldn't have in a 341 or a 431 or what ever the name of the grab bag style module is called....

    T C