Field Medic for Liberia

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by willcook, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. HUMMINGBIRD RESOURCES, a small, dynamic mineral exploration company operating in the jungle of eastern Liberia, west Africa, requires a combat medic from January to July 2010.

    The role will be field based in an exploration field camp where extensive geological exploration operations will be conducted over the forthcoming dry season. Drilling operations and the use of heavy plant and trucks in challenging conditions presents a high accident risk and therefore we have a requirement for a combat medic on site during this period.

    Interested applicants should contact Will Cook on
  2. You want more than a combat medic in that shite hole, a consultant in tropical disease would be better
  3. Thanks for the input! I have posted on remotemedics...let's see what that brings in. Yes, tropical diseases a problem but not sure a consultant would even come here!!
  4. Monrovia,what a dump, made Aberjan look like the land of milk and honey, My whole gang went down with the craps in less than two weeks, we never got to finish the job at the airport,we were all back in Joberg in Hospital
  5. Which one is twinned with Cardiff?
  6. He's looking for a bod to fill a role, not the musings of a semi illiterate tale spinner, if you know of someone who can accomodate the posters requirements then fair one, if not toodle off back to your other planet
  7. I did try to give this info to a couple of blokes I used to work with but it seems they are both on contract at the moment, and I think I am a bit to old now.I will probable see some of the blokes from 203 at the weekend and I will give them the info
  8. F*ck me at least try to bite.... :D
  9. Sorry to p1ss on bonfires but don't you need someone with civvy recognised quals? A CMT outside of the military is just a first aider, do you not need someone who has done the remote medcine course?
  10. Dolly, you need to be a CMT either Army/Navy/RAF preferibly ex SNCO to get on the Remote Medics course. Though some RMA'S,Paramedics have sneaked through the backdoor.!!!!!!

  11. Thank you for the helpful - and unhelpful - comments and ideas, some appreciated more than others! Maybe we do need someone who's done the remote medicine course, though I have little idea of what that is. We need someone who can stabilise a casualty prior to casevac, give immediate first aid, administer a drip, diagnose and treat basic illnesses (eg malaria) and distinguish between malingering local manual workers and the genuinely sick. Any advice on what level of medic is actually required would be useful....but preferably without the witticisms!
  12. I got a place on the offshore medics course with exmed, didn't take it though, couldn't afford it, im not an SNCO did have aeromed though, maybe that makes a difference.
  13. An ex CMT is not enough, they cannot be insured to treat at this level and certainly not for things like Malaria and the associated prescribing capacity. A remote trained medic, nurse or doctor is what you need, but its not my area of speciality to tell you what exactly is required, it should tell you in your risk assessment what level of medical care and training is required. Here is the website of some good people to speak to who will be able to put you right.

    The chap I spoke to was called Chris and he was a pretty straight forward bloke.
  14. Whats the pay Will. You'll need to better £350 a day. I can assure you dolly(been in the game 12vears)a good CMT S/NCO would walk the course. Appendix 4 of the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP)Health care and First aid on Offshore installations and pipeline works 2001?, lays down the training objectives for Offshore Medics, which all Medic providers including exmed must adheere too.

    Hope you find what your looking for Will, but watch out, there's a lot of Walt Medics out there.