Field Hospital at Shaibah?


Hi Guys,

Am I right in thinking that the SLB Field Hospital has now moved to the A Pod?



Whats happened to old Horsley Lines then? Is SLB all but defunked now then?


SLB is now used for part time circus profesionals which are just passing through the country on their way to saudi arabia. Aparantly the place is a good resting point for elephants and trapeezists.....
these new elephants arent nurses.


Ask a serious question, get a stupid answer, I love this site ho,ho,ho,ho.


Its moved to the A POD which is now called the COB
Sluice_dweller said:
Foxy -we don't wear grey dresses anymore!
but would you wear the grey dress for me? grrrrr
I loved it when the septics would come in with a 'prisoner' (usually those blokes arrested for looking foriegn), they would escort them into the operating theatres and then stay while we operated, 'just in case', just in case? bloody idiots, Id love to have seen an anaesthetised 65 year old with an abdominal mass, slit from sternum to belly button suddenly jump off the table, kill everyone with a scalpel and then lead a rebellion in the hospital!
But in answer to your post, no, the only septics I saw at Shaibah were either patients or 'armed escorts'.


War Hero
medman82 said:
Come on sluicey, a man has scruples you know, I only used to "rough it" with a HCA when times were hard (or I didn't fancy buying the doris's drinks all night)
I don't

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