Field Gunners - go medics!


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Blimey...........thought that was a game only rufty-tufty matelots played !

( I know the Royal Marines tried for YEARS to get permission to run a team against Navy Field Gun teams at the Royal Tournament. Brickwoods Trophy is the ...ahem...less hazardous version but definitely not for the faint-hearted)

This Saturday , 22 members of the Defence Medical Services Training Centre based at Keogh Barracks Aldershot will call on months of gruelling preparation when they compete in this year's Field Gun 100 competition against teams from across the country. They have a team of 4 admin staff in support.

Field Gun 100 Day takes place at HMS Collingwood onSaturday 9th June 2007, from 0900-2000 This spectacular event drawing up to 20,000 visitors will see 18 teams compete for the coveted Brickwoods Trophy.

This year’s team comprises 13 Army. 6 Navy and 3 RAF personnel, all of whom are instructors at DMSTC, ranging from Corporal to a TA Major.

Good luck guys - keep an eye on the spare fingers!

Billy Bock

MCTC Colchester.....guys doing a gunners bit this I hear!

I am told they are playing the this true..?


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Chick Small tells me:

DMSTC Field Gunners gave it their all against 20 other teams at the Field Gun 100 event . Team had to be content with second place in plate 3, the Soapy Watson Trophy, beaten by the Abbeywood Crew by 2.29 seconds and six seconds of track penalties, but beat HMS Raleigh by 6.81 seconds.

Main event was won by Portsmouth in a time of 1.21.08 . So they won the Brickwoods Trophy and the Powerful Trophy, for the fastest recorded time at FG 100, 1. 19.71, the Powersports International Cup and the Portsmouth Command Trophy.

DMSTC look forward to competing in next year's Royal Navy Field Gun Competition and upping the stakes.
Bravo zulu fellers.

Lee Shaver

PS I think Ventress may have Modded me - so, attempting to be slightly more discreet,there's a pic on the DMS website here

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