Field firing - supervisors course

I'm sure I've just missed this years course. Anyone on here done it (recently). Looking for some general info as might consider as camp in lieu next year.
The course is called Live Firing Tactical Training and is run by the SASC at IBS Brecon. Not sure of the next dates, but check DCIs or with your PSI. You have to have done RMQ 1-3 or be qualified to an equivalent.

The course is enjoyable and the SIs know the subject back to front. Useful qual to have both in terms of career development and enjoyment.


As long as you enjoy the accurate deployment of very sharp pencils, and the issuing of extremely detailed range briefs to Ghurka demo sections, you will enjoy the course!
Ah yes the the gurkha demo section, who despite the aforementioned extremely detailed brief, do as little as possible in terms of 1. using cover (which is probably wet) and 2. applying an appropriate rate of fire (weapon cleaning "issues")...


I spent most of my LFTT course as the role player, and as such made sure that I led "my" section the correct route in, much to Johnny's total disgust!
I loved this course when i did it. Being the only "tankie" on it did lead to some interesting conversations....

DS..."Get that SF set up on yonder hill"
Me....Looking lost
DS....What's the still here?"
Me....Just looking for the vehicle staff"
DS...."ho ho ho...Tankie twit (well word's similar to that)

This led to lots of "Oi tankie, big hill, heavy gun, ...!!!!

DS, Right lads, get yer webbing on....Oi Tankie...what the fcuk's that!
Me, Me webbing staff
DS, where's the fcuking rest of it?
Me, smiling....Tankie webbing staff....all we get issued...such a good shot only need one ammo pouch
DS, Evil Grin....Good, Now off to the CQMS and get the fcuking rest....and here's a couple of house bricks to carry along with the 94 and SF kit... etc

Did I mention the 2 page detailed brief for the GDC.....Started 30 sec's into it before

Gurkha cpl...Hey boss...what number you doing?
Me... Er number 7, now as i was saying blar blar blar
Cpl... (well god knows what he was all greek to me.....odd for a gurkha i thought)

Cpl... OK boss...all briefed

Suffice to say, his brief lasted 10 secs, mine 10 mins

Just as a bit of an ad....Regional Training Teams (Bde training teams)(with SASC support) now run a LFTT Safety Supervisors authorisation course. It's a great heads up if you're going to be going on the course, it covers safety arcs, single/pairs CQB, fire team and section attcks. Also covers support weapons to a limited degree, SF OHF/FF, 51mm motar and grenades including posting rather than just over a wall. You get to act as safety and often to do it as well....It's a really good course (I'm biased I teach on it) run over a couple of weekends. Next course is Sept / Oct, I know there's a few spaces on our course (143 bde) but we're tarts...we'll take anyone lol
I believe there is actually a Safety Supervisors course for field firing which allows cpls to act as safety without prior CO authorisation, but not to RCO however the majority will do LFTT which last year was June/July so you may have missed this years course. (As I recall requires min rank of local Sgt to attend but, Pam 21 will confirm, to then RCO you must be substantive).

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