Field expediance in Afgan

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by old_bloke, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. Just a quick one re what actually is used on the ground. Seeing many images of the fighting and most breaches into compounds seem to be done with C4 blocks on wood.

    What about clearing rooms, again just standard Hand Grenades chucked in or does the UK have a “defensive” grenade (Blast with little shrapnel) or just the bog standard HE Offensive type?

    If so does anyone know if any field made type of “bunker Buster” is used?

    Rhodesian sanctions and all that, the toms then used to fill plastic boxes (the containers from their grenades) with C4 and stick a det from a hand grenade into it.

    Made a fierce blast weapon that took out, well bunkers and rooms. Disabling the occupants permanently without harm to the troops or civilians close to the blast.

    Or is this against the Geneva Convention nowdays?
  2. Half a Barmine seems to be the breaching method of choice as they come in a robust plastic case sealed from the elements. They work. Well.

    Perhaps that is what you are seeing.
  3. Depends if it's a "soft knock" or "hard knock" and as the walls are too bloddy thick it's normally just boot in the door!
  4. Would you trust Pvt Bill Baggins to make and carry around his own pre made explosives during a partol in a close quarters situation... ?

    I sure wouldnt, I wouldnt be happy for anyone working with me to make or adapt any form of weapon system, if you havent got the right weapon for the task.... I would say your in the wrong place.

    As for what is used, that is down to the men on the ground what they have in terms of breaching and entry kit, if its a planned op or a patrol etc.
  5. The L109 HE grenade comes complete, you don't have to add the dets to them like the old L2.

    Purely offensive, but as others have said, the mud walls in Afghan seem quite safe to have between you and Mr Grenade.

    Again, I don't trust half of my mob with a safety-razor so I'd be away on me toes if one of them started knocking up their own bombs. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of proper gear to encourage anyone to have to.

  6. I agree entirely with Freedom!
    HE grenades generally kill from the force of the blast not the material impact hence good use in compounds, the main danger is entering after causing structural damage to the complex.
    Freedom where do you get these 'safety razors' ?? Sounds like a plan!!
    Everyone thats done COIN, FIBUA/OIBUA will know tricks to delay grenades ie. placing them into a jam jar, but in theartre its just not required... the kit thats issued does the business :)