Field exercises in cold wet locations

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by mbwest, Nov 28, 2005.

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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but any help would be appreciated.
    I was on exercise with the OTC last weekend in Thetford and it was bloody hard going so I’m just looking for any tips specifically for wet cold locations also any suggestions for kit to bring?
    One thing I’m curious about is sleeping in wet kit. If I have been out and my kit is wet and then have to go on stag and I’m wet again do I/should I get straight back in my sleeping bag in full kit? The only thing I did was remove my combat jacket and loosen my boots but we didn’t even have enough time in the morning to get my boots done backup which meant a 4 mile tab over shit terrain with loose boots so I would be pretty fucked if I took much more off or had to change.
    Also, those engineer burgens are bloody shite, how they hell do you deal with them!?

  2. Welcome to the world of OTC, hurry up and wait then its why havent you moved yet?

    In the knowledge that skin is waterproof....let us pray. :wink:

    Why didnt you on the gore tex when it started to rain?
  3. well that was another kit problem I had, my gortex jacket zip broke so i was getting wet at the top where i couldnt zip it up and the rain was real on and off so i was gettin wet a little getting it on and off so i build up.
    I also was not given a daysack and i had gore-tex jkt on but was told to leave the trsrs so my bottom half got soaked on stag. Oh and my webbing belt snapped too. can you tell i had a great weekend?

    Well anyway, do you sleep in wet kit?
  4. I try and take off as much kit as I can get away with when I sleep. I'm usually down to a t-shirt and trousers.
    Boots take less that a min to tighten up so it’s really not a problem, and if your trousers are soaked u can keep them on, just drop them to around your ankles.
    Keep the Kit that you've taken off in your doss bag with you so that it warms up and can dry a little bit as well.
    This way you also have extra layers to put on when you get up or go on stag so that you can stay warm.
    Hope this helps.

    T C
  5. yeh, what's the deal with gore-tex? do people use it? trousers as well?

    any tips for staying warm specifically fingers and toes. I hope it will be a bit easier next time when I have my kit sorted and more organised.
    Anyone bring their own bashas? what are the best ones?
  6. also what is the best handwarmer? what's a charcoal handwarmer? are they all disposable? how long do they stay warm?
  7. Pack your Garry G-tex trousers, but you'll never use them unless you're expecting to stay in one location (OP, etc) where you can't basha up for a long period of time.

    The Cheat's advice is what I was taught and works for me.

    Best handwarmers? Gloves. Seriously, try either ice climbing gloves (seal skin etc) or issue gloves with silk liners that you can get from posh equestrian places (never, ever, let people find out about this).

    BTW, good on you for not completely enjoying it, but trying to better yourself. (GOD THAT'S PATRONISING)

    P.S. Thetford is bonk IDST

    Edited to point out where I was being patronising
  8. Ref Gore Tex, I dont bother with it, even when its pishing with rain (as was at Hankley not so long ago)

    Wet kit and sleeping, current CSM told us to undo trousers and pull them down to ankles when in sleeping bag if they are wet. Never had the time to try it.
    Personally when I get into doss bag I have wooly hat, helly,trousers and a pair of black crappy trainers on (careful with this one, if you get caught you may be in for a rollocking)
    Basha - not needed unless its going to chuck it down. issue poncho is fine for me.,

    Cold fingers and hands- Get some seal skinz gloves, excellent at keeping your hands warm and you can still change mag etc with them on.

    By the sounds of it you had abit of shyte weekend, stick with it matey.

    Free tip, get a small thermos mug, brew up at dinner, stick tea etc in it and store it in an used ammo pouch, great morale booster at silly o'clock on stag.
  9. thanks for the info.
    Cheats advice?

    I got those silk inner gloves but i didnt think much of em and forgot to pack em! why not let people find out?
    Those handwarmers look good, found some re-usable ones, boil em and crack em when you need em and they last for 40mins.

    I was thinking of trying some stuff out. I found that there is lots of kneeling and resting on your elbows so i was going to get a piece of gore-tex material and sow it to the knees and elbows of trsrs and jkt and then cover the gore-tex patch with some cotton to stop noise and to feel more comfy. what you think?

    Yes Thetford was a bit shite, i did question my sanity at times. IDST.
    p.s. i'm new to this shit if you cant tell.
  10. why black trainers? more comfy than boots and dry or another reason?

    re. basha, it just seems that the issue one is way too thick and hard to pack. surely there must be something better?!?

    ill have a look for those seal skin gloves but why does nobody fancy the handwarmers?

    also what about tights? i hear all the fisherman wear em, and what about the fingerless gloves that have a mitten top that velcros on and off?

    also, i hear when you first get your smock they come with a waxxy waterproof layer, is there anyway you can renew this?

  11. I've seen guys to take a chopped down roll mat on stag with them to lay on, like a folding german one, thin as paper but would do the job I guess. Wouldnt suggest you do it with your issued one.

    I seriously wouldnt bother with hand warmers. Stick you the layering system and you should be fine.

    Black trainers because white ones would show up at night, a god send to change into if you have done a hard tab. Plus if you get bumped you can still leg it in them rather then trying to force your boots back on.
  12. i.e. Me... The Cheat...

    Seal Skins do some cool G-tex sock randoms that I’ve heard good news about. And i just did some fibua and a bunch of lads had neo-prene fishing gloves where the finders kind of peel back and stuff. They were thin enough to change mags, and the finger things were good for the little fiddly bits, and because they're neo-prene (that’s so spelled wrong) they're even warmer when wet.
    Had some on and they were the dogs danglers.
    T C

    And if you’re going to cut up your roll mat and make a little arse sized piece to sit on. Can stick it in your bergan and keeps your bum warm if you’re sitting around eating/cleaning weapons/o-groups etc.
    T C

    And the trousers are good for fibua...bit more protection on the knees and when your crawling through sewers and that. Last addition I promise.
    T C

    Ok 3 times...once for bad spelling...
    T C
  13. This is called "pump DS".

    The purpose of MVP kit is to keep you dry. It keeps you dry so that you can soldier better, harder and longer. You getting wet and miserable can eventually lead to a) you acting like a mong: b) hypothermia leading to c) you being ineffective - in fact, worse than ineffective because you can rapidly become a no duff casualty requiring casevac.

    Why not suggest saving weight by leaving your rifle in the armoury?

    Its not you, its poor DS'ing.
  14. Bollcks.
  15. B_B must have missed you in the bushes with the CWS....

    Each to his own, it was drummed into us during athlone that the Gore tex jacket was issued because of health and safety and the staff decided when we put it on, which has been never. I've always found the S95 fieldjacket good when it rains.