Field Exercise Ideas

Me and my fellow cadet NCO's have been asked to plan a field ex for our detachment. I have a few ideas, but i'm most of them a way Over The Top!

The excercise area we have is quite big, has a tarmac cycle track that runs along the top of the hill, and at the bottom it has a stream with various suitable crossing points. Woodland basically all around, and when you enter the open fields, the grass is waist height anyway.

This area is also used by the locals to walk their dogs & ride their bikes with the new bint they picked up from weight watchers the night before.

Suggestions welcome,
but please try and make them sensible.

OK, Seriously,

Split into two or more teams. Give them each an objective (shown in daylight) where they are to insert an OP. Each team to patrol to their Dropping off point and then despatch their OP detail. Remainder of party to form a harbour area. After dawn, OPs to withdraw to Harbour areas to be fed by remainder of group and provide report of observations. Harbour area commanders to then withdraw all members to "base camp" and to provide reports as observed by OPs.

This format provides plenty of roles for cadets of all ages and experience. Seniors will be running harbour areas and learning that command can mean doing the dull but important jobs. "Bright young things" can be sent off to the OP to prove themselves and learn that the most glamorous jobs aren't easy or exciting. The youngsters can stay safe in the harbour area and be woken up at regular hours for stag - teaching them a little endurance. They can also be put in charge of providing a meal for the returning OP - a responsibility that they can readily achieve but that they will be appreciated for.

A short run back to "base" will give them all something to moan about later!

Supernumeraries can be detailed to provide "observable incidents" throughout the night. (In mixed units this will happen naturally! ;) )

Hope this helps.
good tip especially the roles for all experiences and ages. I like that.
What do you mean by a field exercise? Like a Section attack or like a full 3 day ex? If its the former its easy as pie. If its the latter it'll take considerably more planning.

You must also think about the objective of the exercise. Is it solely for training such as teaching them how to patrol, attack, admin? Or is it for a tactical purposes like just a regular exercise

I'm in the middle/end of the planning stage of a Winter exercise for our detachment and I thought up a simple scenario and then built it up from:

1) Move into area

2) Recce to find out where "enemy" are

3) Attack to destroy enemy

A few tips are: Don't make it too ARMY as in don't call the enemy the Taliban or the Arab militia or something you don't want 13-16 yr olds going home to their parents saying they spent the weekend fighting Arabs or Osama bin Laden.

You can do a lot of stuff without firing a shot (which is good because of the immense paperwork needed to allow blank firing) such as VCPs, Recce patrols, regular patrols, clearance patrols. ALOT of first aid work etc....

Ambushes are always good at night because its the only time you can really do night firing as everyone is in a straight line firing the same way.

Attack on base at dawn are good to keep the guys on their toes.

PM me if you want any other info.

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