Field Engineer IT Systems Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by steinlagerXV, Sep 7, 2012.

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  1. Currently looking for several IT Field Engineers for Abu Dhabi

    Must be used to working with bespoke Systems, Have two of the following MCSE/CCNA/CCIE.

    Other CISCO and Microsoft Qualifications will be considered,

    Also required are VM Ware, Server 2008

    Full details on the requirements can be found here:

    Field Engineer IT Systems | Jobs in Abu Dhabi, UAE by XB Consultants | - Recruitment & Job Vacancies

    Good Expat Package on offer, accommodation, medical, flights, a total of 40 days leave, plus more

    Salary minimum of £45000 tax free dependent on Experience

    Further details on application, message me here or apply at Gulf Talent
  2. Bit weird this one, The quals they are asking for are anyway.

    Cicso quals and CCIE which is the highest cisco have....umm...
  3. That is what they are asking for! I am not going to argue the ins and outs of whether it is the best qualification to have or the worst, if the client wants to see that on a CV then that is what they want to see, not exactly rocket science!
  4. Granted that the CCIE isn't the ticket to writing your own salary that it once was but I'd say this is some daily rate for a monkey Network Firewall Engineer - CCIE/JNCIE job - City London - September-10-2012 (C1e8O)

    I've never met a thicko CCIE either, in fact they've all been top geezers, not saying thicko's don't exist though. What would you say is a better qualification to aim for then? Purely on the looking after t'internet/networks side. Genuine question Roadster - I'm MCITP Server, Network+, just done a CCNA course and am self studying for the exam as well as SCCM 2012.
    Employers look for the bits of paper and they tend to ask for everything nowadays, if you only applied for contracts that you fulfilled all of the criteria for you'd be bollixed.
  5. ******* hell, teaboys earn £60000-75000 in the real world?
    I want to be in the real world.
  6. I thought that was the world you wanted to leave behind? Big brother is watching, don't go astray!
  7. Fortune favours the brave, turns out I am better off in London, than I was in Basel. :)
  8. If you work for CISCO they basically own you though. I was rolling out for them in Milan around 2001 and the quote from the Project Manager was "Of course, Cisco don't pay overtime." My mate replied "Good, because I don't work it". I've never seen a CCIE who wasn't very busy, the Cisco guys were literally saying "Where am I?" Tuesday - Milan - Wednesday - Wuppertal - Fri - Tregastel. A guy I know got his CCIE and went to work for them, left after six months as they kept on asking him why he turned his phone off at the weekend.