Field craft 11, Target indication

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by beckyfox1, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. I'm looking for a funny or serious scenario of target indication to add to the start of my lesson to show an example, bad or good.

    Dose anyone know of one in a film or program i.e Saving private ryan / little brittan etc that i can get off youtube or download??
  2. What...............oh alright then.

    Reasonably good material in Saving P Ryan, when they are on the beach and Tom Hanks sticks a mirror to his bayonet to spot the FILTHY KRAUT BASTARD !!!!!!, he then gives what could really be described as QBO's but could at a push be a fire control order.

    Band of brothers has got a few, mainly in the Ardennes episode.
  3. Well, I've been unsuccessful in finding a clip, but The Golden Shot would seem to fit the bill.
  4. Edited for wobblyness.
  5. why not be a little more basic, i used to place pictures of naked chicks on the landscapes and then get the recruits to give me a TI to "danniel lloyds left breast"

    works well for achieving TO's, maintaining class participation and interest.

    (does not have to be naked chicks, anything that is slightly risky ie george bush, gordon brown, mother teresa, ghandi all has the desired effect)
  6. Which one? Sheringham, Defoe, O'Hara? The list could be quite exhaustive.......... :wink:
  7. Any clip of someone giving it rapid - pause the clip - "Shouting, "Watch my tracer" with ball ammunition would score zero points".
  8. heidtheba.........loving your work!
  9. Indeed in can HTB; Burley, Fletcher, Brown, McFadden to name but a few!!
  10. I can just see the claims for that rolling on out.....

    "Instructor forced me to do Target Recognition on danniel lloyds boobs" says recruit. :D
  11. More cam and concealment that one....
  12. Cheers ND, I was trying not to be too harsh, they all need a little loving bless em :wink: