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I am doing some research and need the correct names of a few items and hope someone out there can help me. The name of the cooker towed in a trailer, and the small petrol cooker that was part of the CES for a 432,

first thing is you can't use liquid fuel in any military cookset, so difine exactly what cook set you are refering to.
the one i a 432 is electric mate and i cant remember wot there called cos no one uses them anymore cos there shit
The trailer field cooker ran by gas bottles, but the small silver cooker was petrol. they are about six inches square and the only time I used one was on ops - the rest of the time they were kept in the Coy stores as they were a bastard to clean.
The ces one was refered to as a number one burner. Later changed for one that could run on diesel, but the troops just filled it with benz as it took too long to sort out and nobody wants to wait for an egg banjo do they.
Cheers Woofy, had that in my mind but it sounded too simple! :oops:

Used one on a mountain rebro in Boz and it was a surprisingly good bit of kit - even though it had a stamp with 1945 on it!
Now here's where it gets weird. As the military are renown for their descriptions and item names. The larger version of what you used which has two burners is caleed a ..............................................

Number two burner :eek: Still can't belive they actually gave something a name which made sense. I was expecting cooker utility muliple hot bits egg banjo making for the use of. :D:D
Hello "Rifle green sex machine"

If its the cookset mounted on the sankey trailer I think its the number four cook set .

On the B3 chefs course we ran them on petrol scarey bit of kit dripping petrol every ware

but fantastic for pastry.


The No.1 burner small green cooker (single burner) with a silver pot for cooking/washing/oil changes/paint can issued to most A vehicles on CES - Petrol. Now converted to Diesel No12 burner still held to-gether with leather strap
Wasn't that the one Q had in his store which always made an appearance on annual firing? Usually accompanied by the worlds biggest frying pan which the guard loved cos you could cook everyones breakfast in it at the same time :D

PS, If it was then it was the one, you usualy saw the new sprog in the store being detailed to clean it when they got back. Now if the sprog was lazy and not too dim it would be cleaned by the application of lashings of silver paint.

As we all know the only good equasion in the army is P over S = C (Paint over Sh1t equals Clean!)
The Number 5 cook set is the cook set that folds away and can be lifted by two men. It used to be run on both petrol and LPG, however after an accident with a phase two recruit a few years ago they sacked using petrol and now just use LPG. This cook set is the most versatile of all used by army chef. It can cook multiple dishes for 50 to 60 people, and emergency cooking for 70 to 80.

The number 4 cook set is the air portable trailer. This also used to run off petrol and LPG. Off the top of my head I think it can feed around 150 people on a multi menu.

Both the number 4 and 5 cooksets are being remover for service by June this year. And being replaced with the OFCS system. This system runs off diesel only. Because the army are bringing in a single fuel policy.

New Cooksets
Chef One: what's the time?
Chef Two: 1215, why?
Chef One: I'm sure there's something I should have done this morning...
Chef Two: You know, I think I've got the same feeling...
Chef Three: Right you two, how's lunch coming along?
Chef One: Lunch? Fcuk!
Chefs One, Two and Three[in unison]: Break out the Number 5 Cookset we've got some emergency cooking to get done!
All this talking of cooksets.... What was that thing called that we used to dig into a shallow trench?

Worked off petrol :? Burned not unlike a Tornado F3 on takeoff with the afterburner in overdrive.... :lol: Guaranteed to lose eyebrows on light up 8O and capable of melting the bottom straight out of any pan put on it!

Went out of service if I remember during the 80's due to there being too many overcooked cooks!

Must admit, it was a right laugh watching the egg op light the flamin things esp if he didn’t get it going the first time.... sort of whooshing sound, a scream followed by a big bang and the sky would briefly light up 8O :lol: :lol: :lol:
Tombs said:
EMERGENCY COOKING!! What on earth constitutes emergency cooking?
When entering a war zone with limited rations, ie range stew!!! Yum Yum.

Remember chefs are employed in the army to sustain the fighting soldier not give them the savoy dining experience (Good thing really!!!)
That would be the No 1 Burner - 2 gallons of petrol, 60lbs pressure and a match! Fed many a happy trooper on it. Had a scream reading this thread though. Cookset on original question was indeed the No 4 and could work on petrol or gas most often used on gas other than people like me who insisted the lads trained on converting them. Cursed me till they deployed on live ops and found there was no gas! Suddenly they were the experts while muppets such as those who have gone before (in this thread) thought they only worked on gas! Happy days. You may take the p1ss but we all know who was pleased to receive a fast brew and a decent meal..........don't we? We sustain!

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