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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gunit, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone could help with with a quick query:

    If you are on a 9 days battlecamp living in field conditions would I be able to claim my accommodation back?

    I am in receipt of FIA would I lose FIA if I claim my accommodation back?

    I have read up about this and it is slightly unclear I believe I am entitled to claim for my accommodaton back. Spoke to the clerks who reckon I cannot just want a second opinion.

    Thanks for any help you can give

  2. Edited for lack of sense of humour.
  3. I'll look it up for you tomorrow, couple of things I need to know before I can give you a definitive answer:

    A. Are you Single?
    B. If not, do you Occupy Single accommodation or substitute single accomodation (I'm guess as you are getting FIA)
    C. Were field conditions ACTUALLY granted by the CO, or are you just assuming they were because you were on exercise.

    My gut tells me, you get a refund of accm, but will be abated your FIA allowance, but will confirm once you tell me the answer to these q's
  4. As stated, field conditions NEED to have been granted by CO.
  5. I am assuming they have been granted? I am single occupying SSSA.

    The feeling I had on FIA is you lose it if your away for 60 days or more because of the Incidentals bit I.e Bog roll and the rest

    Thanks for your help
  6. Curious that being in a field does not prima facie mean you are in field conditions.

    But then this *is* the army.
  7. It does in a manner of speaking, in that the CO can grant it if he deems it applicable. The problem comes if the person organising it doesn't get the CO to do so. I've never seen a CO NOT authorise FC for an Ex, IF prompted.

    @ gunit. you need to check your unit Part 1 Orders. If it has not been published on there, get the exercise organiser, (your OC or whoever) to get the CO to publish it. without that, the clerks can, as they have stated to you, Do nothing.
  8. JSP 764 says:

    (3) Field or shipboard conditions in respect of food and accommodation charges can be declared independently of one another. For example:

    (a) Personnel in SLA will pay SLA charges. However, if field conditions have been declared by a Commanding Officer (CO) in respect of food, then food charges will not be raised.

    (b) Personnel feeding in Service mess facilities will pay the appropriate food charge (if applicable) but will have a waiver of accommodation charges if living arrangements are deemed by the CO to satisfy field or shipboard conditions criteria.

    With regards to your FIA:


    03.0506. Periods of Temporary Absence. Service personnel in receipt of FIA at their permanent assignment station, and who retain their accommodation, are entitled to continued payment of the full rate of FIA for periods up to 61 days when they are:

    a. Absent on temporary assignment (but see 03.0509e); or

    To conclude; Ensure Field conditions for Accomodation have been published on part 1 orders to recieve a refund of SLA charges; you will continue to recieve your FIA.
  9. Thanks for the help