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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Kitmarlowe, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. Just had a good weekend at sunny Catterick, with the joys of a container breakfast at Wathgill Camp. Only to find that the new rules(?) mean that a container breakfast now consists of one sausage, a ladle of beans, a boiled egg and two pieces of bread. Now, having recovered from being struck dumb at the unparallel generosity of the cook house, what the f**k was that s**te being dumped on us?

    What I'd love to know is how much was the cookhouse paid for that faeces they called a breakfast? Where in the Catering contract does it state that that is a breakfast and, more importantly, which cerabally challenged genius signed up for that?
  2. makes you appreciate life more, doesn't it! :lol:

  3. Rofl! Rofl.....!

    And the tea was nicely orange, whilst the coffee was..............well, whatever you call army coffee
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    If he is still there (which I suspect he is) someone called D.... H..... a civil servant at ITC, me thinks. Same man that sent out a note a few years ago telling Coy Comds that eating in the field was too expensive and that whilst exercising in the back area, Coys were expected to return to camp for feeding in the cookhouse.

    Great "Wah" thought all until the first company left barracks and the CQMS was informed to get his Coy back to the cookhouse as per the new directions.

    After an explosion and a forwarding on of the message to the head shed (who, incidentally, had not been copied in), said individual was sat on.

    Back to the here and now, any chef types who can tell us what calorific value of food individuals are expected to consume/need for a breakfast meal? This meagre offering doesn't look to cut it.
  5. 2200 cals avg for basic activity, mostly from protein(?) 450g or so.. Not a chef but read one of their docs the other day for calculating rations for an ex but it wasn't totally clear.
  6. Hmmm....Well, I think the sausage may have weighed 45g. The egg........certainly not 405g!

    Thro I suspect that 2200 cals figure is for a day. Even so, they'd struggle to get to 450g of protein from that faeces of a breakfast
  7. Yeah sorry that is for a day, and even then the requirement is likely to be a lot more. Ratpacks deliver some 6k or so from what I remember in basic.
  8. You're lucky it was hot...what were you expecting croissants and field mushrooms with an expresso? If you're in the infantry get used to the hardship and stop whining. :evil:
  9. it really pisses me off when someone says thats too much at any cookhouse! i would just rather eat food than crap from the naafi later on!!

    when i did my pjcncos at vimmy you could take within reason as much as you wanted.
  10. just be glad your getting scran there may come a time when u dont
  11. My brother was an army chef (now a Sgt with the Irish Guards), and he reckons that the average soldier on a European campaign during summer will need around 4000+ cals. Obviously, that will rise as winter comes along. just look at the calorific value of rat packs to see how much is recomended to consume in them.
  12. Yeah, I am afraid Ta_sig is talking crap!

    You want about 30g at minimum of protein per meal because at least so far as I [think I] can remember the body does not digest much more than that per meal.

    Per day wise, you need about 1g of protein for every pound of lean bodyweight in order to actively repair/grow your muscular tissues following activity.

    Male adults (average male adults - not active Army types like us) need 2000-2500 calories per day with the 4000ish calorie content of a rat pack telling you what the established needs are for us when doing our things.

    Does not sound like that breakfast was up to much at all. If when training we're all going to be going hungry, supplying surplus food is going to see more complaints an less retention I foresee.
  13. Food served in the cookhouse is not based on calorific value but cost (except for ration packs). Obviously these civvie catering firms have to make a profit.
    On another note, it has just been declared that low cost sausages may contain ingredients containing carconogenics?? that cause cancer!
    Does this means that the cookhouses are now going to be buying in best 'Cumberland and Richmond sausages'?
    Dont think so somehow.
  14. at least with only one sausage per person per breakfast, the intake of carcinogenic sausages will be minimal.
  15. Let me introduce you to an alien concept. Retention.

    The most important question that a Senior officer (GOC MND SW) ever asked me was that my mail was getting through and that the food was good. Why? Because those two factors on tour weigh very heavily on morale on tour.

    Food is a factor that influences people. Petty attitudes and niggledly penny pinching wears at people and affects them long term, until they reach a point when they decide that they have had enough of having the piss taken out of them and stop turning in. Because, let us be honest, that breakfast was some spleeny fat-kidneyed ratsbane taking the piss out of myself and my men by insulting us with such a petty little breakfast and in the process showed me just how much some people care for us.

    Now, if you can wrap your prribbling dullard mewling pate around such an idea, then you'll understand why I'm angry.