Field ambulance/ Hospital.

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by nate4077, Jun 22, 2011.

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  1. What is the difference between a TA Field ambulance and TA Field hospital?
  2. An Ambulance normally has wheels, and goes "neeeee narrrrrrrr neeeeeeee narrrrrrrrrrr"

    A hospital is a green tent.
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  3. One's on wheels, the other isn't.
  4. Roughly speaking oh-so-young-and-innocent "nate4077" (by the way, you might want to change your username from your very identifiable ZAP number...just a thought)

    Fd Ambulances no longer exist. They became Medical Regiments of which there are few TA in the Army (one in East Anglia, one in North Scotland and one in Northern Ireland).

    Medical Regiments = Paramedic and GP type stuff (ie PRE hospital care)
    Field Hospitals = er, hospital care (like a District General Hospital on steroids).

    This is a general but factual description. Other more emotional verbs come to mind but I shall play nice and not mention them.
  5. A TA Field Ambulance is old and slow and mostly useless and a TA Field Hospital is still in its canavs bags because no one knows how to put it up.
  6. thank you, I think,lol. Emotional, 4077 is a M*A*S*H reference ;) I would not use anything that could identify me on a forum.
  7. I bow to your clearly superior popular culture knowledge.

    Maybe not so young...and maybe not so innocent?
  8. It's ok, I got the box set for christmas. Had never seen it before and was a random gift that was meant as a joke due to my medical routes, got to say I really enjoyed it. Very sad I know.

    As for innocent.........who knows!!
  9. I presume you are talking about MASH, if so NEVER watch
    'The Dambusters' when Guy Gibson's Dog 'Arthur the Moggy
    Mangler' gets run over, you will collapse in floods of tears
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