I'v been reading about the FIDF, and was wondering, can members of the FIDF serve with british forces on operations in Iraq nad Afgan?
Technically, the FIDF is not part of the british MOD, but the people are british, so can they serve with british forces?
Having competed against the FIDF on a couple of march and shoot comps, whilst serving in the FI's and lost both to them, I would quite happily serve with them in both locations. For a defence force they have all the qualities of British Inf Bn. Top blokes all round.
I would very much doubt that they would - most of them are part-timers and they are funded by the FI Govt - hence the fact that their personal weapon is the Steyr vice SA-80. The only regulars I'm aware of are the OC - the PSI is a tied booty post - I remember chatting to the guy in the job at the time and he said that he had a huge amount of time for the blokes in the FIDF. Put it another way - they are around a Coy strength and funded by the FI Govt - if you were a member of the FI Govt would you like a member of your small Defence Force to go off to Iraq/Afghanistan with the threat of Argentina invading - no matter how much we take the p1ss out of the Argies - they want the place. The logical answer therefore has to be no - so any Falkland Islander serving abroad would most likely be a fully signed up Regular in the Brit Army rather than a 'mobilised' FIDF member would be my view.
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