Fidel Castro is Dead

Buy up any tickets you can get hold of for flights to Havana. The entire Labour party will be on their way over for the funeral and they can charge it to expenses. They'll pay any price.

Fidel put gays in concentration camps in the 60s. It'll be a clash of the titans at the BBC as the LGBTXYZ wing want Fidel portrayed as a heartless b@stard while the commies want him portrayed as a hero.

I predict Jeremy Corbyn will express deep sorrow that the world has lost an elder statesman just before Sky News finds some poor sod whose entire family, including a 6 month old baby, was wiped out by Fidel's death squads during the revolution.
Oh dear!

How sad!

Never mind!
The proletariat on the Guardian are exhibiting some distinctly counter revolutionary tendencies:-

"I bet he never had to queue to buy toilet paper"

"Another failed idiot who believed it's better for everyone of his population (except for his own family and closes allies, of course) to share socialist misery"

"Let us all salute his indefatigability..." (Many likes for this one but I suspect it's a pi$$ take - Are you there George?).

"RIP Castro. Maybe we'll now see an end to murderous communism once and for all."

"All Hail Fuhrer Fidel!"

"Another self nominated "liberator" who just substituted a cruel regime with another of different colour but of equal cruelty. Good riddance."


"Fidel Castro Stops Talking" would be a more newsworthy headline than "Fidel Castro Dies". To an observer it often seemed like the whole revolutionary enterprise was just one long harangue by Castro. How long has his brother (aged 85) got left, do you think? Who's got Raul in the Deadpool?


Oh well.

Missus asked if I wanted BBC News on and, with a little smile to myself, I said "Why, yes, thank you darling" and sat back in the chair and waited.

It took less than half an hour for her to say "I've had enough of this. He's dead, that's big news but stop making him look like something he wasn't" and changed channel.

And after I explained how I knew it would be like that, she called me a bastard for letting her put on that mutual masturbation festival.

As you may guess, I will not shed any tears over someone who essentially encouraged a paedophile tourist trade to get dollars into the country. There was certainly not much done to discourage the prostitution of children anyway.....


Great, that means the Manic Street Preachers will no doubt release an album and some kind of concert for him.
Please lads, think of poor Buggsy this morning.
I shall light a massive stogie in his honour........

....from Panama naturally!
Can I have his brother, Raul for the deadpool next year?
Then the country will be really stuffed. I wonder who will replace him as dictator?

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