Fidel Castro announces retirement

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. Absolutely negative

  2. Mostly negative

  3. Rather negative

  4. Neutral

  5. Bad guy but overall a great figure

  6. I wish our leaders would have such skills as Fidel

  7. Not his fan but I like him

  8. He is my ideal


  2. Do you buy into the theory that it will be his brother Ral who will take over? He's an alcoholic and a murderer, but, according to some chap at the University of Miami: "he also has a very compassionate, sentimental side".
  3. Maybe not, but you'll spend every waking moment until you're worm food lurking in the background, doing your damndest to make sure anyone who succeeds you doesn't try to institute any meaningful reforms,. Won't you, you old b@stard?
  4. Cuba is in tatters. I went over last year and made a point of getting out and about. Parts of Havana made me feel like I should have been driving a Snatch!
  5. If you are a peasant and you are not part of the tourist district, you're expected to exist as scum.

    A Snatch would be highly appropiate:

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  6. Absolutely. Until both him and his brother are merrily pushing up the daisies, the tyranny will continue.

    I expect glowing praise from the BBC about the murdering, totalitarian bastard any minute now...
  7. Bit like Britain after after 11 long years of Laboor devestation :(
  8. The real reason behind his retirement is that he was secretly involved in the plot to kill Di and Dodi and is worried that Al Fayed is going to bring this up in court. He simply wants to go to ground to avoid the media.
    (Or is this in the wrong thread?)
  9. whos going to be on the t-shirts now..
    and cigars are going to go out of fashion
  10. they might keep Che on as poster boy for that one, being dead for 40 years hasnt stopped him so far.

    and for havana being a dump? yep, it sure is, and the main reason that cuba is a third world backwater is because of a 46 year old hostile economic embargo by the spams.

    I'v had some great holidays in cuba, its safer and friendlier than miami. you meet a lot nicer class of cuban too.................
  11. ''Tony Montana'' He's the guy on my t shirt!! ''You know what a hasa is? Its a pig that dont fly straight.'' 8)
  12. Right... so if you can't trade with America you can't trade with anywhere else? The embargo is an extremely weak excuse, and is but waffer thin...
  13. I knew Cuba before Fidel Castro took power. Admittedly, I was very young and wholly apolitical. It was 'heaven' to be a 15 - 19 year old living there in those days.

    Following thirty-six years in the Army, I have returned to Cuba on numerous (eleven) occasions. It is now an even more wonderful 'heaven'.

    No, (Sven in particular) I am not enormously wealthy, and I do NOT involve myself in Cuban politics. I do, however, immerse myself in Cuban society - albeit mainly Havanna based.

    In this society I have been regarded as:
    an 'English milord', (despite the fact that they all know I am Welsh);
    an underling from some sort of dreaded system (no actual mention of Bliar, but it was hinted at);
    an equal;
    an intellectual lightweight - (perspicacious these Cubans)
    and, a welcome visitor to a country not yet blighted by our lovely American friends' culture.

    Oh! boy! Do you appreciate the absence of 'McDonald's', 'Coca-Cola' and fat, ill-mannered, semi-literate American tourists.


    PS; Politically, now, followng my youth in Cuba, I am right-wing of Mrs. Thatcher and would happily see 'Sven' hung in public - preferably without trousers!!!
  14. Universal and free education - can't be bad