Fiddling whilst Rome burns.....Pet owners beware!


As Sir Terence Wogan says with such conviction: 'Is it me?'

This, from the idiots who force farmers to punch holes in the ears of Calves, piglets, lambs and now kids! (for the Townies reading this - don't be too alarmed: 'Kids' here refers baby goats, although there is probably an argument for fixing ear-tags to Chavlets and the like.... I digress), who are happy to see the wholesale slaughter of entire herds of cattle when they catch TB yet pander to the Fluffy Bunny brigade when they bleat about lovely cuddly badgers. Arrgghhhhh

"Tiddles and I have managed to grab some tickets for the Bond movie, I'd also thought we'd take in a pizza before the film. Next week she fancies Alton Towers....
Paul, Braintree "

This e-mail comment made me laugh, c'mon own up
What a load of bollocks! Some of the comments were entertaining, however.

Thank you for your many e-mails. Here is a selection of your comments.

Tiddles and I have managed to grab some tickets for the Bond movie, I'd also thought we'd take in a pizza before the film. Next week she fancies Alton Towers....
Paul, Braintree

What will they come up with next? My family has had many animals and we have not felt the need to be told how to "entertain" them! My cat is sleeping right now, so do I leave him to sleep, assuming that is normal, or wake him up and entertain him, in case he is just bored? Better read the guidelines!
Julie, Dunstable

We'll be given advice on how to breathe next.
Alex, Edinburgh

Unfortunately, the people in need of this advice (and there are many) are probably too stupid to read.
Martin, London
The painful elaboration of the very, very obvious. And there is even a consultation on it.

Feel free to submit your own comments


It is not expected that there will be any significant
costs to any particular group as a result of the these Codes
because they do not impose any additional obligation over and
above the requirement contained in the AWA for owners/keepers
to provide for the welfare needs of their animals.


No significant annual benefits, but following
advice in codes could avoid expensive veterinary bills through
prevention of injury/disease.

Other key non-monetised benefits by ‘main affected groups’

It is possible that the codes will help reduce the number of prosecutions by allowing enforcers to point out to transgressors what they should do to avoid prosecution – this could mean some benefits, but measuring this would be difficult.

What is the geographic coverage of the policy/option?


So, if I understand correctly there are no measurable costs nor benefits to this exercise whatsoever. (Apart of course from the cost of employing the useless morons who cobble this pointless drivel together, run consultation exercises and thus the benefit is justifying their own miserable and useless jobs.)

And it appears to apply only to England, which means similar exercise are to be carried out at "no cost" and equally to no benefit in Scotland, Wales and Nothern Ireland or the residents of those places can just carry on looking after their creatures pretty much as usual.

But of course wholly untroubled by such pointless sh1t
So I can stop reading Shakesphere to my dogs then?
Typical, after programmes on the tv which tell you how to help dogs with a problem and probably do more to raise pet welfare awareness than any gov. campaign, some bright spark in admin jumps on the bandwagon, doubtless getting a promotion and we all get told what to do long after the tv show has done it's work.

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