Fiddling While Rome Burns

The education system: what a joy. Kids today can have as many exam results as they want and they're not exactly being pushed to the limit. The so-called gold standard A Level is now about as much use as tits on a fish and we are conning 17-18 year olds into thinking the a university place for all is a God given right. Tony wants education for the masses and doesn't care what has to happen in order to achieve it, including lying to the young. (But then he lies to his voters so that's a fair one then). OK so most could get a place in the University of West Chipping Sodbury to read Cooking With Vegetable Oil (Hons) - but then even if they survived the rigours of such a fine establishment, their 'degree' might as well be used to wrap tonight's fish supper. It's fcuk all use to an employer looking for graduates.

The better universities are now beginning to set their own entrance exams, the International Baccalaureate is becoming the standard by which schools are now measuring themselves and the world is evolving - that's what happens when you go against any natural order, a way will always be found to re-establish it. Social engineering doesn't work. So what does the establishment do in order to meet the inevitable head on? It fiddles while Rome burns.

Read this.

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