Fiddling expenses?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by mso, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. mso

    mso LE

    One of the Army’s highest-ranking female officers is facing jail after she admitted fiddling her military allowances.

    Lieutenant Colonel Angela Knock, whose nursing skills helped save hundreds of soldiers’ lives on the frontline in Afghanistan, is being court martialled after she pocketed thousands of pounds.


    The charges are understood to involve sums of about £8,000 she fraudulently claimed for gardening services at her home between 2009 and 2011.

    Hero Lieutenant Colonel Angela Knock court martialled for stealing expenses | Mail Online
  2. A Lt Colonel getting involved in Nursing?
  3. mso

    mso LE

    Welcome to the RAMC (V)
  4. She Stole, she gets punished and kicked out.
  5. £8,000? What the **** was she thinking? What a bloody waste.
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  6. £8,000 for gardening expenses? I haven't even noticed that option on JPA. Maybe she thought for a second that she was a Member of Parliament?
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  7. The TA is slightly different to the normal workings of JPA, since sometimes funding is available for expenses reasonably incurred as a result of your deployment. IE if you would normally look after your garden but can't because you're in theatre, there may be instances where this can be reimbursed. It says in the article she is a widow so it might be reasonably argued that nobody else would be available to keep the garden in reasonable order.

    In the case of many TA soldiers who do not bring specialist and unique skills to the table, this reimbursement might come in the form of "**** Off", but in the case of qualified and experienced civilian medical professionals who are of great value to the army in theatre, there is a bit more room for negotiation.

    A friend of mine is a consultant in the NHS and was offered a very good salary and quite a juicy benefits package to take his profession to Bastion for a few months, a far better deal than would be given to a TA infantryman in receipt of the brown envelope.
  8. Have you ever considered a one way trip to Switzerland?
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  9. You don't have a friend who is Consultant in the NHS.

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  10. ;-)
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  11. Leave the lad alone. He's probably just got back from the One Direction film.
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  12. Are they NHS consultants? Are they his friends?

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  13. It was Dr Shiny Pudenda.
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  14. Was she in charge of compression socks?

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  15. Who grassed, then?
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