Fictional Int Corps character -- advice sought

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Plato, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. Gentlemen,

    I am a civvy author (yes, published) and am writing a fictional novel about a former Guards officer whose talent for languages (he speaks Arabic & Persian) finds him tasked with interviewing EPW's at a facility on the outskirts of Kuwait City at the end of the Gulf War (ie GRANBY) in 1991.

    I'd like to bring some credible detail (not very much!) to his imaginary career. How long would he have spent at Sandhurst? At Beaconsfield for language training? What unit would he have been attached to during Desert Storm? He is not the Regimental Intelligence officer, but has joined a specialised Int unit of some description.

    Would be glad to correspond in greater detail, on or off the forum, with anyone who can offer pointers. Any help gratefully acknowledged, or unacknowledged.

    Thanks merci shokraan
  2. Sorry that's classified.
  3. As for course length-long course at Beaconsfield just feel like they last forever
  4. Gosh, the Gulf War is classified! Given how many people know about it, that's a really embarrassing security breach!

    Come on gents, enter into the spirit of things. In the name of literature. The configuration of the British Army isn't classified (though it may be arcane), so let's find a nice outfit for our fictional Captain, who's a jolly nice young soldier. Imagine my book gets made into a film and the protagonist is wearing the wrong-coloured beret, and you guys all start swooning and jeering. I couldn't face myself.
  5. Unless you specify his beret colour in the book, I suspect the military advisor for the film could sort that out!

    How about making him a member of the Special Handling and Interrogation Team, part of 49 Para?
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  6. have you thought of the title of the book yet?
  7. speak to any member of the Int Corps, most of them are fictional charactors especially if you ask them what it is they actually do (usually if they think you know nothing of the Corps)! :wink:
  8. SHHH!
  9. ......... and then of course they may feel obliged to kill you and eat you .........
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Check your PMs, Plato.

  11. SHHH!
  12. :roll:
  13. I left the Corps 8 months ago.....if you pay me a handsome "consultancy" fee I'll make it as believable as "Bravo Two Zero" :?
  14. I trump your consultancy fee with the offer to spill the beans for a few bottles of a decent red wine.