Fictional Film Characters that remind you of you

Although I can talk posh, the Missus reckons I sound and act like Ray Winstone in one of his movies when I get a little miffed (betraying my Holloway Road roots). Of course, unlike Ray who is a Hammers fan, I am an unabashed Gooner.


Cracking short movie:
Bouncer - A Short Film (Featuring Ray Winstone) HD
Though my bouncing days were in the late eighties and early nineties, when I was much younger and on and off mixed with other work, I did quite a few doors across North and Central London. Ray in this reminds of the first head doorman I ever worked with - wonderful bloke who was a legend in 23 PFA.
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Nah...........not Clint again. Anyhoo.....there's none of those type of tree climbing lovelies in your terroritory bro.
More of a mix between Philo Beddoe and Koos van der Merwe. As for the simians, we have the sitbok in these parts. Mr Jahn is way nastier and smarter than the old man of the jungle.
Ron Jeremy,aside from 'Tash,that is.
I'm turning into William Foster in the Michael Douglas film 'Falling Down' (I've even started to wear the same glasses!),

which is not something I'm entirely comfortable with. Oh well, could be worse. I could end up as Travis Bickle ...
Dejavu! I am just watching this film! It's paused in the next tab.

I’ve got an OU (mostly) maths tutorial to deliver later today. In my mind’s eye this is how I imagine the students see me (but far less paranoid):


When deep down I know that in reality they’ve long come to expect a couple of hours of something closer to this (but far more paranoid):


I put this down to being at little too enthusiastic at times, but the students don’t seem to mind and still keep turning up. Last year, as a sort of experiment, I finished an explanation regarding Young’s modulus by saying “and it’s a fact that most bluebottles have never seen The Magnificent Seven”, and was pleased to see that about half of them wrote it down. If it wasn’t for academia I feel a career in politics or advertising may have been the way forward.
Alf Garnette - I've got the same views on immigration and Voted Brexit - just like my hero Alf would have.
I'll see your Alf and raise you Rigsby. Much scruffier, sleazier and sadder, and I have previously lived in a bedsit which wouldn't have looked out of place as a bacherlor pad for Alan and Philip.

Sgt Palmer, Harry.
Sgt Harry Palmer.JPG
In my mind, my avatar Gina Lollobrigida. In reality, Hattie Jaques!

I can't shift as much beer as he did but I've got a better beard.
Although I can talk posh, the Missus reckons I sound and act like Ray Winstone in one of his movies when I get a little miffed (betraying my Holloway Road roots).
Same here, St Johns Way. Had I remained there I would, no doubt, have been a Gooner.

Fortunately I do not have a London accent as the family managed to get out of Dodge when I was a nipper.
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