Fictional Film Characters that remind you of you


Pick a fictional film star that remind you of you.

I can get this started

Maverick (Tom Cruise) of the iconic film Top Gun

Arrogant, relentless, aggressive, ladies man, etc

A younger version of Clint in Gran Torino.

Fine around Forces folk and vets. Hate people, grumpy c@nt but like good banter with the people I like.
this (grey hair, loves it when a plan comes together and makes the mentally unstable do work)

however the reality is probably more like this
(chubby and somewhat suspect)


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Not self identifying as this character, but I've always been told I am DDL as Tomas in the Unbearable Lightness of Being, apparently the film is is about me, if I were Czech and living under a Communist regime

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I'm turning into William Foster in the Michael Douglas film 'Falling Down' (I've even started to wear the same glasses!),

which is not something I'm entirely comfortable with. Oh well, could be worse. I could end up as Travis Bickle ...

Bring me a cup of tea and some more amphetamines No 1. We'll get this bloody U Boat even if I end up in rehab.

Bomp-bomp. Chikka-chikka.
Not a movie character as such, but;

Jay Pritchett from "Modern Family". Easily annoyed by most people and completely aghast at what is happening to the world and men in particular.
We are also both fortunate enough to have younger and much more attractive spouses!
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or (the one on the right obvs)

Since American Pie came out, I have been informed by 5 different people (who don’t know each other)that my smile reminds them of Stifler.
I'd like to think I'm Kerr Avon in reality I'm more Del Tarrant

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