I was discussing with an old ex colleague about what we got up to in BAOR and one of the memories was around a FIBUA training excerscise, in a town that was alledged to have been built by Adolf to sharpen up his SS troops FIBUA skills, and it was still in use. The place was a timewarp, and amazing with the square, hotel and pub all intact. we were there in about 88 and shared it with the Boxheads.
It was actually a great deal of fun, but for the life of me i cant remember where it was, Dont think it was senne, but not sure.


Hammelburg training area? It has Bonnland village (a once occupied village) for training FISCH
God those pics brought back some memories. Remember following Chris Keeble for two days after lobbing in to assault the village.Almost everyone got D & V from the village water supply.
Found out the next year with another battalion that there was a DZ only a km and a half away. NUTTER!

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