FIBUA village

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Bullet Sponge, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Ladies and Gents allow me to introduce

    ARRSE Avenue

  2. It looks splendid! But I rather think you've got the Union Flag upside down...

  3. That's outside the village, not my flag lol
  4. Looks really good BS. Infact the whole Island is really starting to take shape well. New gats have been duly purchaced & will be tried out when the bloody thing comes back up from maintenance.

  5. I'm currently working on a petrol bomb. Looks OK but I need to get my head around the scripting before it's going to be able to set anyone on fire...

    And pesky old RL keeps getting in the way!

  6. If anyone knows of any pop up targetry that we could use in the buildings it would be great.
  7. Looking great Bullet :thumright:
  8. these look about the best value and are copyable
  9. Might have a look at them when everything is back up.
  10. Been away far to long whats the score here???
  11. Looked good when I was in there last night messing with my new gun!!
    Is it damage going to be enabled?
    By the way don't stand near Minxy when she has her new gun, unless you want to TP out of ARRSE island to get back in again :S
  12. That would be me it is correct viewing from the other side but the texture has come out wrong on the side you are viewing. In other words my fault I'll sort it thanks for noticing
  13. Looking good BS!

    Are you going to use that sandy space infront of it?
  14. A rather natty looking church will grace that position, I believe. Watch that space. :numberone:
  15. Right the FIBUA village is now encased in an invisible shell, there are two points of entry, one at the north west and one at the south west. Try not to bang your head when flying near it. Am working on some warning signs.