FIBUA Instructor Course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by schoolstaffinstructor, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. A few questions??

    1) Has any one done this with through the TA , it is 2 weeks long after all

    2) minimum rank says Sgt, but I once met a full screw who had done it? maybe he had been bust?, anyon else done it as a screw?

    Any info would be great

  2. I thought it was called FISCH now??

    Fighting In Some Cnuts House ;)
  3. CHIPS = Chaos & Havoc In Peoples Streets
  4. i thought it was FISH & CHIPS
    Fighting In Someones House & Causing Havoc In Peoples Street
  5. GAY LOVE - Gardens And Yards Lots Of Violent Engagements
  6. msr

    msr LE

    I'm not sure we all want to know what you get up to on your non-TA weekends...
  7. Whole knew meaning to 'Gable end to Gable end'! :roll:
  8. I did it back in the day. It's an excellent course, great fun and the contribution from the other NATO students can be extremely enlightening. We even got to try out their techniques for entry, room clearance, etc. on the battle exercise phase. Lowest rank on my course was a Sgt, highest was an Italian Major of Mountain Artillery who'd solved his language problem by packing one of his subbies as an interpreter.

    Well worth it if you can make it.
  9. GAY LOVE = fighting in peoples back passage then?????

  10. RAPE, running around Popping Everyone. Which means at somepoint you may get away with saying, "Whos up for some GAY RAPE followed by a nice spot of FISH AND CHIPS?"
  11. Has a certain stlye to it, GAY RAPE FISH AND CHIPS course - Rusty sherrif's star with crossed chips as a trade badge... :roll:
  12. MSR, You know you like a bit of OBUA - Outrageous Bum Under Attack


    When you join, you will be issued a uniform. You will then be allowed to start training, whereupon you can be gang raped with a fish in someones garden shed all day long! :wink: ooh err!

  13. Yes, but not me, the guy was an Lt. I wasn't allowed because I was only a Cpl, and they wouldn't give me local rank.
    He said it was an excellent course, not least because of the high quality instruction, and fcuk load of ammunition, the chance for other nations to impart some of their tactics, and the long weekend off resulting in a severe hangover!
  14. Lesson 1 - place mousehole charge against wall - light fuse - walk calmly around corner - once it goes bang - walk briskly back (don't run chaps might think you're flapping) - lob in a few flashbangs, he, smk, teargas - apply respirator - beruit unload round the corner - spraying corners - enter via said mousehole - getting rounds down range as you do - then repeat until street demolished.

    simple eh?
  15. The course is well worth the effort of attending. If you can get local rank the go for it, you wont look back. Your knees and elbows may complain a tad on a night but thats about it.

    Best thing I remember about it was getting stuck behind a fat saudi warrant officer who had a panic attack in the sewer run, and more ammo and pyro than you can shake a fat stick at.