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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by boney_m, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. The FIBUA area of RnR Island is under development, and is getting some more usable buildings and has a large sewer system.

    We're after ideas for what would be good to build on the land. Ideas from anyone would be most welcome, especially if you play SL role player SIMS. I would go and look myself, but i tend to get shot within 20 seconds of being there!!!


  2. Couple of sangars?
    Maginot line :D (that spelt right :? )
    A Scale copy of Crossmaglen for memories sake.
    Is it possible to have trenches?
    wooded area
    erm, some more people would be nice, blowing oneself up is only fun for a minute or two.
  3. Pop-up targets might be good, preferably resembling leading politicians :)
  4. If you can, link a couple of pictures of the kind of sangar you would like to see, and i'll see what i can do.

    There will be a wooded area this weekend with some rock piles and other stuff to hide behind. I'm going to try and put kind of a trench around the top of the hill. Unfortunately the land cant be lowered in a thin slit but i'll try and summon up some imagination and build a trench.

    Not sure about a maginot line - i'll see what develops.

    I'm also working on a WW2 type pill box (the type frequented by kids smoking and glue sniffers all over the country).
  5. We have got some falling targets somewhere. If they have modify permissions and we can change the textures i'm more than happy to add the current Westminster monkeys faces (as long as it doesn't get arrse sued or anyone arrested for creating a terrorist training ground).
  6. I think as for sangars/watchtowers the type such as the one at crossmaglen would be a little complex :D

    So after I thought about it for a while, I though the type of the vietnam era would suffice. Let me know what you think.
    Dont mind having a pop at building them either :D


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  7. Pop up targets in the style of;

  8. Just came back from Thetford after being in the FIBUA village. Dunno if you've been there but it's a crackin' wee setup. Lots of mouseholes and the Church is good complete with pews and graveyard( I especially liked the 10 commandments.)

    Can only remember the Cafe's layout properly ( cos that's where i slept), but I can get hold of the map and give you the layout of the village via PM if you like
  9. ID, go onto SL and have a look at the FIBUA area. See how it compares to Thetford.

    We have a sewer complex, a church, a sangar, woodland and some pill box type buildings. There are also large buildings that users can run around shooting each other and a 25m (built to scale) barrack rifle range with targets arriving soon (the demand has gone in!!).

    The area also has a system called DCS which you "wear" that allows your hits/health etc to be counted and makes the whole thing a bit more interactive. You do have to buy the software to make this happen, but its extremely cheap and can be used on most of the combat sims throughout SL.

    We are quite limited by the amount of objects we can build on the land, however if anyone has an idea for a positive change we can juggle things to accommodate it.

    Have a look, see what you think.
  10. Just a quick note on the range.


    The targets will put a black dot where you hit them. To clear a target simply left click on it.

    I am hoping to find some pose balls that allow you to do prone and kneeling position and i'll put them in place if i can find some.

    If you use heavy weaponry the rounds will splash back and launch you to the far side of the island - probably best not to use your chain gun or rocket launcher on the barrack range eh.

  11. Well where is the bloody fun in that :D
  12. Personally, i couldnt give a rats ass what is fired down the range mate. As i seem to have been nominated RCO, i thought that in the spirit of Health and Safety legislation i'd better give out a warning. If you want to launch yourself to the far side of the oil rig and end up in a messy heap because your firing nukes down the barrack range be my guest mate.
  13. way hey :D