FIBUA and Rowan Atkinson

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Padre, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. Sorry to put forward such a request but I have bizarre recollections of doing a FIBUA at Copehill thirteen years ago and it featuring a film with Rowan Atkinson as an inept section commander entrusted with the task of clearing a theatre (or cinema).

    This was pretty funny even after a night's stag and I would love to find a copy to show one of my classes.

    Any ideas please?


  2. I don't remeber that one, but I do remeber a very young David Jason, (Del Boy himself) in an army film on winter and incement weather clothing. In it he got a good soaking and chilling before he got himself the decent clothing.

    Who else has founded their hollywood career on very dodgy MoD information/ training films?
  3. How many times have you watched....

    'An Appointment with FIRE......!!

    I've only seen it 46 times.
  4. Do you mean the clip from apoclaypse now which had the sas clearing madame tussauds remeber seeing a presentation featuring that at stanta village in the church of hagar :) .
  5. I/m not sure if it was Tussauds. It featured a removal van with something like 'Sanders And Son' on the side - they purchased tickets to get in and one of the blokes ran into a lift, the doors closed, re-opened and they opened fire on him!

    Sound like the same film?

    Only know the napalm in the morning 'apocalypse Now'.

    Thanks for input,

  6. Whoops apoclaypse is the film .Rik mayal leads the sas in storming madame tussauds . They arrive throw a huge pile of gear out of the van. "can I bring the tiger boss " "No you cant bring the effing tiger " very funny scene. Film is average .
  7. The David Jason cold climates video is now on DVD and still available from BDFL, I'll look out the order number
  8. Thanks for that.... but to be honest I only mentioned I remembered seeing it, not that I fancied him :oops:
  9. Tickets? We don't need tickets! We're the F-in SAS!!!

    (Simpson And Saunders (catering) on the side of the truck, the first letters massively big)

  10. Congratulations CT you win the Cigar!

    Now what the heck is it from? Is it the Whoops Apocalypse as has been suspected or is it something else?


  11. Not sure of the source programme.
    The sketch ended up with two RE EOD fellas being called in to deal with a bomb (one of them was a very young GWARR who played Capt Winter in BoB). They approach carefully, check it out, lots of significant glances, main man nods and takes out of his bag...a sledge hammer - and smashes the device to bits. Classic.
    We used to show this to ATOs visiting DEODS (long history of p155ing contests betweeen us) as an (ironic) overview of school training methods.
  12. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    It is Whoops Apocalypse. That I can assure you. The only funny part of the film is Rik Mayall leading the Smith And Saunders team through Madame Tussauds looking for Princess Wendy.
  13. I have a smeaking feeling it might be the TV film 'Eat the Rich' by the Comic Strip in the 80s. Great film with Lemmy from Motorhead and the classic line "I saw you trying to get off with the Queen!"