fibs and more fibs

Now I know that some (maybe not all . . . .) moderators & contributors are bright things, so can you offer me a little help?
Bloke I know shows significant left leaning tendancies - although to my amusement and relief he got his arrse royally kicked at the election.

Pretty much all this fella can do is regurgetate the contents of his little red book "100 positive things since Labour came to power" (I kid you not), so I think it's time for a slap in the chops.

Pointer please for:

100 negative things since labour came to power

Websites & knowledge of specific broken promises / manifesto pledges

Ta. . . . .
PS I'm going to rob a copy of the little red book, that should be a funnier than Jeremy Beadle in a car crash

Go visit and tell ken that you were sent over there by ARRSE.

That website is a GOLDMINE of labour's dirty deeds.

Good hunting

"There will be no further restrictions of shooting sports."

I'm sure soemthing like that was in there somewhere...

Of course I'm sure we could all mention how badly the forces have been shafted over the last few years... anyone? anyone at all?

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