I just wondered if there any other Fibromyalgia sufferers out there, perhaps even still serving. If so, I'd be interested how the army deals with this condition, if at all.

My MO at Detmold in 1986 was treating me for back complaints and BMH Rinteln couldn't find anything wrong with me so that was the end of it as far as they were concerned. Various GPs in civvy street just pumped me full of pills. Ended up in NI (living there not serving) and had an argument with a top bones consultant who said there was nothing wrong with me so that was the end of that yet again.

Moved to the Netherlands and saw one of the top bones consultants who discovered my skeleton was considerably older than I was or looked that wqay. Tried to get an extra birthday out of it but failed. Saw a top Rheumatologist who confimed Fibromyalgia.

My condition is accepted by the War Pensions Agency where I am classified as 40% disabled. It is also accepted by the Department of Work and Pensions as I rceive Incapacity Benefit.

I first had symptoms of Fibromyalgia in 1986 and it took 15 years to have it confirmed. Went through the contempt and suspicion as just having a bad back is not on the top of the serious ilnesses or conditions list and is open to abuse. The condition Fibromyalgia is not universally accepted and is not instantly acccepted in the Netherlands as a reason for being unfit for gainful employment. Germany and the US are the most educated countries regarding the condition and the UK does vary from area to area and GP to GP.

Hope I haven't bored you too much. The army actually released me with Fibromyalgia but then the condition wasn't very well known in 1986. Thoughts, ideas, any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

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