Fibre to the home

Yeah, I needed to.

I managed to get Vodafone to waive a month's broadband bill, and also told them that they had until close of play next Friday to unfuck themselves, or all the shiny new gigafast broadband kit would be dumped on the counter in their local shoppe. I'm annoyed at both them and Openreach, to be honest - all this stuff was supposed to be sorted long ago - that's why all of Paisley had its pavements dug up and new fibre optic cable and infrastructure laid in.

Now I'm being told that because of a cabinet installation screw-up I've to suck hind tit again?

Still, the chatlog should be fun to read through.

Oh hey I understand your frustration mate. We got fibre optic through the local utilities company. They sent a survey out asking if rural residents would be interested. Following the positive response they got they then applied to the State for a share of the federal money to bring internet to us country bumkins.

They put up a map of all the counties who were going to have fibre optic installed, it was a bit of a frustrating three years watching other counties getting hooked up before us.

I confess that I thought they would leave the mountain homes until last but alas they proved me wrong. Last I looked there was still three counties behind us although work had started on all three. Some of the tools these guys had are amazing, I drooled over the machine that went through rock solid hard ground in the middle of January so they could lay cable to a house.
Frau is happy, hubby is happy.

I only went for the giga-thingy upgrade as it was half-price and included bucketloads of new kit. Until it's all up and running I won't know if I have made a bad decision in going for it.

Still, Steam games should download in minutes instead of hours.

I still recall being in awe of how fast fibre optic downloaded Windows 11, it took seconds. Satellite internet it would have taken a few hours and then I'd have to setup IDM to get it during the night rather than use up the 50Gb a month daytime allowance.

That was their gen4 internet, their gen3 took forever and from what I'm reading their latest gen isn't that great either.


And now the saga is completed. Vodafone has completely failed to unfuck themselves, passing the buck on to CityFibre and Openreach. That makes the third time, and that's the limit. I told them last week that they had until today to sort their lives out and they didn't take me seriously, even though if they had done their job, I'd be giving them quite a bit more money per month.

After hours of being passed around from pillar to post, I was told that there was going to be a two-week delay from today before they'd bother their arse reviewing things, and who knows how long I would have to wait after that for an engineer to arrive to fiddle about with things, and I sort of low-key lost my shit. I don't know how I restrained myself from telling the agent to ram the new kit up where the sun doesn't shine or start shouting swearwords at Drill Square D.I volume, but to be fair, it's not his problem - it's his company's, no part of which seems to know what the rest are doing. No wonder their score for customer service is at one star on Trustpilot.

The kit for the upgrade is packed, and it's going to the Vodafone shop tomorrow. The agent offered me a return label to send the kit back, but I cannot deny myself the pleasure of dropping the big heavy box on their counter and walking away, probably whistling a happy tune.

The next step in the process will more than likely involve me going to Uswitch to sort out a new broadband provider. I'm out of contract with Vodafone anyway, so they can whistle dixie if they want me to pay any exit charges.