Fibre Optic Connector Recognition

Excellent, fibre geekery!

I remember being delivered 2 NATO comms installations short notice to take on ex. Going in the back to fit our IS kit in, both vehicles had been structured using volition fibre sockets and patches. Try finding a mech whos terminated those fcukers!!
Only ever had a dabble with 3M Volition terms, thought they were quite simple but no one uses them now. MTRJ are a complete pain in the arrse. I don't know why people kept reinventing the wheel, SC and LC are fine
I have, and still use, VF 45 ( Volition ) It is a bit of a pain.
Agh Volition! <Starts sweating>. Seriously bad times with that at a customer site - 'engineers' swore blind they had terminated the taps correctly and it was my network kit at fault. My world seems to revolve around ST/LC/SC connectors although I never actually have to terminate the stuff.
Come on guys, surely Amphenol is the new black! :lol:


Oh god - I hate to admit it but that page is really useful. Help, I feel all soiled and cheap now - what am I doing as an ex-infanteer understanding this and even needing to know it!


I tried to open the PDF version of the page so that I could save it and copy it into our section's reference library. Don't know if it's just me but it failed to open so I've had to copy and paste it all into a Word document, edit it so that it looks more professional, and then e-mail it to my work address for action on Monday morning.

All this at gone midnight on a Friday - God I'm sad!!!

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