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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by BinaryWarfare, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. ...anyone done this one week course at Blandford?

    Just after info, is it worth doing? Do you get a civi qual out of it, or is it SOP "monkey see, monkey do, have a worthless buckshee RSS certificate" nonsense?
  2. Phone up Cable Systems Section at Blandford and speaky to the Staffy there. I'm sure he can advise you accordingly. Even if you don't get an accredited qualification, surely there's value in attending any training course in terms of personal development and an extension of the skills you already have.
  3. It should be the City and Guilds 3666 multimode qual but you will have to pay for and take the technician part to get the fibre qual.

    Ring up the HIO at Cable Systems Section for more info.

    As for the course, quite indepth and and condensed. The fact its only a week makes it harder than what it could be. If you are a technician though youll be fine.
  4. Cheers guys!
  5. Save your money, you will NOT get any job on the outside with this C&G, there are NO fibre splicing jobs despite what these mugs tell you.
  6. Of course not, there's nowhere I know that you can do a week-long course and walk straight into a job. However surely it's a starter for ten and help you get the guy "in the mood" for some nifty advanced fibre training?
  7. Bite Me!
  8. All fees are waived for Mil Pers attending C&G cses at CSS so you may as well have a go. As PD said, good starter for 10.

  9. Did this a few years ago now.
    But got a G&C in Multimode firbe Installation and testing.
    Had to pay £27 for the C&G, but its a qual. not sure if its still the same
  10. yeh ive done the course you get city and guilds in fibre optics there is also a longer course with structured cabling as well :)