fiat seicento faults

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by 1_reeper, Dec 28, 2008.

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  1. Hi. Have bought the other half a fiat seicento 1.1 . Not the sport version just a bog standard on a 01 plate. i am getting a banging from the rear suspension when going over bumps on the offside . Is this a common fault with this model and what could it be ? What other faults can i expect. Thanks
  2. When did you buy it and where from?
  3. Could be a bush, shock, bearing without seeing it, no way to know. Go onto auto trader and look up their buyers guide for for faults.
  4. last week. private sale. why ?
  5. Under the sale of goods act, had you purchsed the car from a used car dealer, you would have been able to take it back and have them look at it for free, as a car must be "fit for purpose".

    As a private sale you don't have anywhere to go except back to the chap you bought it from.

    Had it been a dealer purchase I could have helped as I know the in's and out's of the trade.

    Sorry mate, can't give accurate advice on this one. Good luck !!
  6. Yep, its a rear suspension bush.

    Seicento suspension is borrowed from childrens prams and put together by closet fascists who take August and September off every year.

    "Fiat" is borrowed from the latin for "utter utter utter w@nk"

    Don't you like her very much?
  7. OK. thanks . just looking at the repairs and had the rear shocker done not long back if that helps. so can rule that out
  8. Is your exhaust pipe still where FIAT blue tacked it on...because they have the lifespan of two weekends?
  9. The honest john forum has a good buyers guide on most cars plus a section where you can post about tech questions
  10. You bought her a Fiat?

    Forget sorting the car. Put all your money in a secret bank, for when she devorces you!!! :D

    Try Parkers guide

    Used car expert

    Read ciaos review....

    effeminate deathtrap.... I love that one.
  11. You do know what FIAT stands for, fix it again tomorrow.
  12. The Punto suffered from failing rear subframe bushes, I suppose it would be asking too much for FIAT to have learned anything from it....

    The upside is that they finally fail on so much they get crushed, win-win.