Fiat Ducato -Gearbox/Clutch Issue

Good Morning Everyone,

I am the owner of an R reg Fiat Ducato Campervan with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

It has now developed a fault whereby I am unable to put the gearbox into reverse. Apart from this the van is running normally. I have looked at the tension on the clutch cable and that seems fine. Before I call a garage is there any fix that I can do before I part with my money?

Many thanks in advance



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You might want to try some of the motorhome forums i'm fairly sure this was a fault and ? some recalls.
Send Happybonzo a PM he may recall better than me.
Do you have to pull up a little collar on the gear leaver to get reverse ? if so its probably the cable from that.... if you can select all the fwds gears then its not the clutch ....was it a sudden failure ? if it was a synchro problem it will have been crunching for a while ..... its all cables from the leaver to the box so check the linkages at the box end.... have also known the bracket the gear leaver is fixed to in the dash to fail but the gear leaver will be wobbly
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