Fiance worried ... is Afghanistan unavoidable for all trades

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by barney11, Oct 31, 2009.

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  1. Hello all,

    I have thought of being a carpenter in the army but from what the kind users of this forum have told me, it seems that combat is unavoidable? I will be trained as a soldier first, combat engineer second and finally carpenter third.

    So if they need men in warzones, I will be going as a soldier/combat engieer irregardless.

    So are there any trades which are not open to combat and I have an interest in?

    Maybe like aircraft technician? or biochemical scientist?
  2. hmm what did u expect when joining the army?

    no wars or deployments?

    join MPGS
  3. Have you thought of joining a different Army? Maybe something along the lines of the Salvation Army? FFS!!!

  4. Maybe you need to stay a civi. Royal Engineers are proud to be some of the first in and the last out. The forces are not here just to give you a nice living and a uniform! :x
  5. Bollox too early for me, must be a WAH!

  6. How about the "Underground Balloon Corps"
    I don't believe they have a combat role! :)
  7. Honestly I don't know why people want to join the Army and then avoid any possible form of conflict. It just doesn't make sense.
  8. given the tone of your other posts, i'd say it's not your fiancee who is worried. and it sounds like the army is the last thing you should be considering as a career. if you're not wanting to go to afghanistan, save yourself a trip to the recruiting office precious.
  9. Does the trauma of warfare not bother you guys? The sight of your best friend getting blown up by an IED, your mates being shot, screaming for help as the desert heat and sand engulf you.

    The thought of losing a leg, arm or your life? Not fufiling your duties of being around for your parents in their old age?

    If the above does not bother you, then yes, you are suited for front line roles.

    But for men of lesser bravery like myself and my fiance, perhaps we can contribute too, but in a more "back line" role?
  10. There is a perfect role for you - carry on being a civvy and send some nice care packages to the real men.
  11. HMM

  12. Perhaps you ought to understand the nature of modern warfare before you decide whether or not to attempt to become a soldier. Hopefully even if you bluff your way through the recruiting process, better men will have recognised your failings and will not allow you to progress. Such an attitude is not what a soldier is about.

    Edited: spelling Mong :oops:
  13. ok, i'm calling wah now.
  14. Reminds me of the RAOC private when I was weighed off for a Norniron tour - he told me 'I won't be going to Northern Ireland, my wife won't let me!'. I think my reply was something along the lines of 'what Army did you join then, sunshine?'

    You could, of course, make yourself indispensable in some way or the other to avoid active service, are you good at Golf/Cricket/Tennis/Football or any other pastime that impresses senior officers. How about running the Bingo in the NAAFI?
  15. Youre not LCpl Glenton looking at a retrade are you?

    Ok thread locked...
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