Fiance being based in Germany! Help!!!

Discussion in 'Living Overseas' started by lillyyy, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. Okay guys so I'm new to this site and I'm kinda hoping someone out there can help. My fiancé of 2 years is being based in fallingbostel in January (great start to the new year huh?) The thing is I want to with him and I know your all going to think duhh just get married but its not that simple, although I'd happily marry him tomorrow he's worried about rushing things. His sister got married to a RLC earlier this year after a rushed engagement due to pregnancy and they are already sending of the divorce papers. My other half says he won't risk that happening to us. So what I was wondering is has anyone heard of any cases of unmarried couples being supplied with quarters when its an overseas posting? Or does anyone know of any help we can ask for in finding a place to privatly rent overseas. I'd rather not take that route but if needs must...
    Any advice anyone can offer would be great as my fiancé is currently chasing it up on camp but as usual the powers that be are taking the piss getting back to us
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  2. This should be entertaining...
  3. Beaten to it...
  4. Boredom is a truly terrible affliction.
  5. Lilly, So the fellas sister a looker?...
  6. If he won't marry you after you've been together for over two years, then he's not committed to you and once he's over here, I think you will be history to him!

    Unless things have changed, you won't get a MQ and private renting is quite different here - for one, usually you will have to supply your own kitchen - complete! If you do go down this route, then you'd better brush up on the German laws!
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  7. Wasn't this covered in the Bastard Children thread?
  8. This has got to be a wind up, if he won't marry you bin him, and post your piccie on here if your a looker you may get lucky!
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  9. Haven't a clue!...Linky??
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  10. Lil, luv, it is customary to post a pic of yourself on here, so please go ahead and do it.

    I think your b/f is being cautious and rightly so. But have you considered changing your underwear from Marks n Sparks white to something more alluring like Victorias Secret attire? Have a look here and let us know what you think: Panties:  Women's Sheer,  Satin & Cotton  Panties at Victoria's Secret

    Of course, Germany is not so far away these days what with hi speed trains, coaches and buses - and they are not too expensive, especially if you are a pensioner.

    I dont recommend hitch hiking though I did once hitch hike across Canada, but that was using Canadian Air Force C130's. It cost me a crate of beer for each leg, which helped me keep my options open. You need to keep yours open too.

    Hiring a private apartment is quite expensive in Germany but it can be done. Do you have any linguistic capabilities? The Germans very much appreciate it when Brits have good oral skills. If you dont, you could practice with bratwurst, which is a big German sausage. Just go to any Schnel Imbis (a small roadside stall that sells salmonella) and say "Eine bratwurst mit pomfrittes bitte" You'll soon learn how to get your tongue around it.

    Anyway hope this helps and dont forget the pic.


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  11. Lilly, learn German in the next 40 days. Abandon everything and everyone in the Uk. Move to Germany and phone him from outside the camp and say "Surprise!"
    NOTHING could go wrong with that plan.
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  12. Speaking on behalf of the powers that be, and not taking the piss, this is very straightforward: No. You cannot have a quarter unless you're married (although I believe you're permitted to move in 10 days before the big day). If, for whatever reason, your fiancée is permitted to occupy a surplus MQ as a single soldier you may not cohabit with him. The system will permit you to visit and stay over for weekends and leave periods or the odd stint when he's on duty, but nothing beyond that. Until you've made an honest man of him, you're not entitled to anything. Fally is probably one of the easiest dury stations to get to given it's proximity to Hanover international airport. Either get him to make the commitment, or get used to the sight of the Movenpick cafes which are the only things open in HAJ on a Sunday night (although the buffet there is really rather good).
    I'm astonished "The powers" in your beloved's squadron haven't been able to tell him that off the top of their heads. Has he really been trying that hard to get answers? A phonecall to the housing office should have cleared this issue up in all of 10 minutes. :) good luck for the future, and try to get out there for the Christmas markets!
  13. Yeeeeeeeeh, he has his english woman waiting at home for him and he will be goose stepping the **** out of every German woman he can.

    The man is a cad.