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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by T3hscott, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Hi newbie to the site, been toying with the idea and ive finally decided its what i want and im going for RE

    Im 24 now and due to be married next april. My fiance has said she will support me and move wherever im based but she has asked me to join after the wedding.

    She says that she wants 12 months together just us before i join which means applying jan/feb next year when ill be 25.

    I want to join asap but i can understand were she is coming from....i suppose im wondering whether anyone here has had the same or similar situation?

  2. Hmm? Lets imagine that this isn't a wah.

    Many, many of us have had the same drama - and It'll happen whether you get married and live together before, after or during your service...i.e. her whinging about something that you want to do, complete with her demented accusations of you being a selfish knob (for wanting to go away and do a career enhancing course/Do an overseas exercise/be attached to a certain unit/ even when you are stiffed for a duty she will blame you - she won't be happy unless she calls the shots)

    But in saying all of the above, you haven't read the joining up/recruitment thread have you?.

    You'll get an idea of how long the joining up process can take.

    Can I assume that you two have already been together you for over 12 months?

    Do you currently live together/have been living togther for over 12 months?

    It'll take best of the year to go through the process before form up date anyway, apply now mucka and get your revenge in early.

    Whatever you do, will bring an earful anyway.... so you may as well please yourself.

    Snakes with tits.
  3. This is not a support group for would be husbands. Work it out with her and make your decision.
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